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Sep 11, 2010

Sex & Sequins

-Just for your information it's 4am for me right now, I only got two hours sleep last night so I'm tired and if I fuck up spelling and I don't make sense sorry!-
I just finished reading everyone's comments and blogs. Thanks for the comments, and sorry if I leave you a comment that makes the bible look like an easy read. LMAO

-To answer the question of my weight and goal weight I'll lay out my stats for you:
                                          -  (5'7'' or 67cm) -
      -My Highest Weight EVER158 pounds in April 2010 (yep...this April)
      -My Lowest Weight EVER (at this same height)128 pounds May 30th 2010 (-30lbs in one month)
      -My Current Weight: 136.3 pounds
      -My Goal Weight: 115.0 pounds
-Measurements: (I think...) 38D(chest), 26.3(waist), 41.2(ass/hips)  the hourglass of fat ugh.
 So... I really want to be in the 'Hundred-teen' numbers again. I will be!
-September 10th-
Activities: Decieded to wear my new sequin flats to school, so I walked to the stop wear I catch the city bus (like 6 blocks away) and when I got to the stop there was a crazy black hobo screaming across the street at some guy and my bus just decieded NOT to stop. So I ran with a fkn heavy backpack, in new unbroken shoes four blocks and wheezed onto the bus. Got to Univ and I NEEDED a coffee, so I ran to the starbies on campus where the line was a nightmare so I ran to class (late) then realized I needed to pee. :/ After that things were great. Tons of walking and running!
Food: Skinny Soy Small Vanilla Ice Latte, Oatmeal, rice cakes (x2), Skinny Latte (again), Pretzle M&M's. Totalling around : (I always round up like 50cals) 675 calories! fuuuuck

*Monster Mash*

I went shopping today and bought Winterirls! FINALLY!
Also went to Victoria Secret to get panties! yay and pretty much every store in the mall...just browsing mostly.
Tomorrow (actually today) is a big shopping day so I'mma get some rest.
I love you all! xoxoxoxo

Sep 10, 2010

The Best Post So Far

This most honestly is my best post so far! 
First off I want to thank ALL of you little monsters for complimenting me, and my boots!
- Well those boots are quite FAB-FUCKING-TATICAL-ISCIOUS!-

So this is gonna be juicy sweet with good news... 
So don't forget to brush your teeth after you sink into this one!
Here is why today is amazing:
1. I got 100% on my first two Chemistry papers!
2. I worked out for THREE STRAIGHT HOURS today!
    a. Lifted weights (tone, tone tone!)
    b. Treadmill, & Elliptical (cardio!)
    c. Turbo Kick Classes ( 1hr of non stop cardio!)
3. I only had 375 calories today!
    a. Less than 1/2 apple
    b. Three rice cakes
    c. Acia Smoothie (*bonus points* since it's ice cold, and I got a metabolism boost in it!)
4. I walked probably 3mi today (stairs, campus, around my city)
5. I got my disbursement check! Helllllooooo three grand! 
    a.unfortunately 90% it goes to bills
    b.but hey I get 10%!  :) 

-Anyways I'm totally tuckered out! I was at Uni from 8am-7pm.. FML right?
-Tomorrow I'm cashing in that check! And I'm saving some of it for a super sexy romantic night with my man.. It's going to be a surprise to him! He so deserves it! I love him. 
-Did I mention that I love you girls! I'll have to read your blogs in the morning. I love you all so much! I wish we were together to celebrate! 

P.S- Lost in Space: I meant the lyrics "A generation Lost in Space" From Bye Bye (Miss American Pie) By Don McLean. (GREAT SONG!) 
-I hope I reach my goal weight. I hate being such a FKN WHALE!-

Sep 8, 2010

Boots and Boys

Isla-Sorry about your breakup (his loss!) But i'm glad you know how the whole jealousy think feels... Ooo it's infuriating!
Sarah- Karma will get her...and if she just so happens to touch him in the process then Karma is going to come in the form of my foot up her ass. Lmao
Gem-Ugh! You're so right! Complaining about her just creates the "don't you trust me?" argument..She's not worth it! Thanks 
Ava- Hahaha We think alike! (evil laugh)
Lost in Space- You should try it, but be careful it gets huge and sticky! p.s- did you get ur name from the song?
Billie Jean- Is not my lover! Sorry I had to do that! Thanks girly! I wouldn't kill Ty if he cheated on me but I'd get revenge one way or another.
So today wasn't the greatest food day, or exercise day to be honest.
I've had about 600-700 Calories! (sorry! I'll explain!)
Oatmeal for the morning. Rice cake and half an apple for lunch,
Got home and had a 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese and half a rice cake..
Then I had a poptart....The culprit of instant pastries! 
I walked a shit ton, and up all the stairs possible (no gym today, but super gym tomorrow!)
-I wouldn't have had the poptart or AKA 400 calories! had the following situation not happened:
I got home early so I could clean the apartment extra special for Tyler, but he didn't get home till 4pm, with bags from lunch and he handed me a box. It was sushi, just for me! But who did he get sushi with at lunch time? Guess... (to be fair all his co-workers were there but...) Well that made me sad so I ate a pop tart to make me happier, which it only makes me sad cause now I want to purge but he's here and I know he missed me all day. 
He is great and I'm a whale!
 This is what my tummy and thighs look like for now..well this was a while ago about so 5lbs heavier that I am now..  I want them to be like 3inches smaller and my waist also three inches smaller.. If I lose another 15-20 pounds I'll be fkn ESTATIC! (don't you love those boots!) 
I have a long way to go, but I'm gonna get there!

On a positive note I had a fuckin RAD hair today. It was a beautiful mess. 

Sep 7, 2010

Thin Time!

I am thinspiried! Thank you all for the comments! I've decieded something.. I can either be depressed about my ED and beat myself up daily or... I can beat myself up daily but be optimistic about being healthy and being proud that I'll meet my goals. You guys would be so proud of me today. This is what happened.
Woke-up late.... Fuckkkkk my life ( Diet Pill & Multi-Vitamin)
Got to school and went to Sociology (no Homework)
Walked to the Coffee shop and had a skinny soy iced latte ( I only drank like half!) 
Had blueberry muffin..well most of it. 
Walked to the University Gym ( like .5 miles away)
Did Circuit Training class for an hour! ( It's like the Insanity Workout)
Used Ellipticals for 20 mins, Jogged for 10mins, Cycled, and then did strength training.
Walked to the bus stop, then after I got dropped off I walked home... 
So literally I walked around like 3miles!  
(Tonight I'm having an most of an apple, a diet dr. pepper, and maybe a rice cake. So 450-600ish (IDK) today in calories...that's without subtracting the calories that I burned! Yay! I'm probably going to start my period soon so i'm gonna bloat like a fuckin marshmallow in the microwave.. Grr.)

 Tyler and I had a breakdown last night as a couple but we came together again at the end. The fight was over a few things.. He has a friend that's a chick and I cannot stand it! They used to hang out a lot till I told him I was uncomfortable with it, but now they have a training class for work together which means he'll ride with her to and from work everyday for a month. I know he wouldn't cheat on me, but I know she totally wants his nuts. True she has a bf, but that really doesn't mean shit to me. He says he isn't attracted to her like that which I can believe..she has a cute face, but her body is not as good as mine, she's foul mouthed, has tons of piercings (hates piercings), blonde (hates blondes), and she chew tabacco (which he thinks is foul) 

So I'm not too worried but I swear to God if she so much as lays one finger on him I'll beat the living shit out of her!

Sep 5, 2010

If Cosmo is the Bible then I'm a disciple.

I love you girls!
I feel like you guys really care and support me! YAY!
And because you guys are so fucking RAD your prayers and wishes worked their little monster magic!
My Dad is stable for now, and Tyler and I have had the best last couple of days! 
This right here is exactly what we are like 99% of the time! This morning he rolled on me and told me he's not moving off me... I asked why, and he said he has to make sure I don't go away. Aw Then he kisses the crap out of me and exchange 
"I love you's" and he always gets this blown away look on his face and says how happy he is. I love him so much.
-Oh and welcome new followers! And thank v. for the comment! Thank all of you for them comments, big girl hugs!
-So I've been a big fat whale lately... Some of it was planned and some was pure laziness...
I mean "Kirsty Alley's work-out" kind of lazy.. so yea. PRETTY FUCKING LAZY
I haven't purged in like a month...but I haven't binged in like a month either.. I've been taking diet pills everyday but I think my metabolism hit a plateau since I was eating under 500cals a day so this weekend I thought "I'll eat everything!" to boost it.. So starting Monday I'm starving again. :) I need pressure and support guys!  
I mean "Kirsty Alley's chair" kind of support... so yea.. LOTS OF FKN SUPPORT!
(haha I'm such a bitch.)

Anywhoozle I mean it girls! whoop me into shape. what are some good rules?
Wait! I've got it! A challenge! You girls help me make a list for my next post, of rules and I'll promise to stick to this and get to 120 pounds by the 25st of this month! I'm pretty sure that I'm 136 right now... So that's 16 pounds in less that 3 weeks! And I'll promise to take a before and after body shot! You girls in?!

P.S- You have to look up the song "Fuck You" by Cee Lo Green 
          It's hilarious. I'm in love with it! hehehe
I love you guys!!!!!! xoxoxoxox