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Nov 30, 2010

Glitter Glam and rock hard abs.

Girls were once made of sugar & spice and everything nice.
Back then, were such acceptable days.
Alas, the times have changed. 
Girls are now made of Glitter and Glam and rock hard abs.

I am in a good mood. 
I fasted  all day till about 6pm last night and I made an amazing 170 cal chicken dinner. Then worked out at the gym like crazy. But that's not why I'm happy (well it is but it isn't) 

Tonight is GLEE, and then after than its.... 
(stiletto roll!)

The Victoria Secret fashion show!

I gotta go to school... ugh. tons of love!
think thin

Thank you all so much.
Thank so much Molly!
You say the best stuff sometimes that just makes me feel better.

Nov 28, 2010

What's Eating Me?

I'm fat.
No Control
Fkn Loser.

One min I see bones the next its covered in fat. There must be a short in my brain circuits..

I look at the noodles in my hand from the top ramen I seeped through my eyes.

I feel ok till I am in the examining room shower.
               My body is like a sponge. It gets larger in water.
note to stupid self... don't go swimming till I'm 90pounds.
I want cocaine.... worked for lindsay right? Well I'm a broke college kid.
I have caffiene tabs... tons. they suck.
I had the whole week off and I'm still too tired.

4 weeks and five days till 2011...
I swore to myself that I wouldn't be fat over 115 by the new year.
and it remains true...
125-115= 10lbs... 
125-110- 15 lbs
125-100= heaven=25 lbs

I must.
I must.
decrease this crust.
This crust of fat and lard.
This disgust of my crust makes me lust for a thinner more beautiful
I must....