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Jan 1, 2011

Fasting Video Blog #4

DAY FOUR! OMG thank all of you for the support, for those who left Q's in day 3's blog i addressed them in the video. Also check out my new pages! You wont be wasting time they are worth reading. :) So here it is beauties! Happy NEW YEARS! 2011 is gonna be strong and sexy thin :) xoxox

Love you all! Details will be going on the fasting page on the top! READ the how I feel about food page its amazing :)

Dec 31, 2010

Fasting Video Blog #3

Day three is nearly over!!! The video is here! Enjoy! Leave a comment on fasting questions and tell me what your New Years resolution is?!  I wanna know! Okey dokey Love and glitter ;) XOXOXO
-thanks for the compliments!

I wish you all the best in 2011. I know for those trying to recover you can do it, and for those striving for thin that 2011 is the year :) Be safe tonight and always little monsters. 

p.s-I'll see you next year bitches xoxoxo!!!!

Dec 30, 2010

Fasting Video Blog #2

Okay its day two... It went well I want tomorrow to be pure 0 cal drinks! I must have had 500 cals in liquids today! NO NO NO. Well here's the video I have some shout outs for you girls ;) Love ya stay strong!

Some new pics of me ;)

Dec 29, 2010

Fasting Video Blog #1

Alrighty little monsters! I made the video and I've fasted all day, day 1 of 15 is almost over! Here's the video blog and I'm posting a Fasting for Fifteen page on here to update in writing every day! Love you! Help me do this girls!

Dec 28, 2010

Fasting is God.

Thank all you little monsters for the comments :)
I know I owe you monsters a good post so here it is!

Christmas went great! It snowed 12 inches here! Which is fabulous because it gave me an excuse to go play in it and burn calories. Ty's mom was lovely :) I managed not to gain a single pound thanks to a heavy purge of mint Oreo s and milk and a shit ton of laxies. 
No pun intended.
 I'm getting better at running and soon I will be great at it. After running those couple of miles the other day I noticed my stomach is flatter! Oh shit, I almost forgot..about the title I think I'm going to do a huge fast I've been doing a couple two day ones lately and I did a five day one a few weeks ago I think I'm ready to up my thin game ;)  

For those of you who've been following for a while you know that my longest fast was a little over 11 days and I lost like 17 lbs or something awesome like that. I REALLY want to do a 15 day fast. If I do it though I will do a video blog with it too. But if I do it and get to day 15 and its easier that I thought I'll do 30 days. And... I need everyone's help and motivation so tell me if you wanna be my support system?! So comment and let me know if I should do it and when to start? Vlog? Lemme know.

By the way if anyone wants to add me on facebook just lemme know ;) I'm thinking of making just a thin directed one ;) Here's some bad ass thinspo for you awesome little monsters. 
Big smooches! OXOXOXOX


*And some personal pics from my winter break! :) Enjoy*