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Aug 6, 2010

Answers, Thanks, & Tips

Sick B: Thank you! I have realized this is my last "teen" year so I'm going to live it up!
Wintergirl: Ha ha ;) you know I did!
Sarah: Yes that is me :) and thank you sweet stuff!

Today's blog was inspired by some posts on PT. People on there are debating whether or not it's okay to ask for tips, or help.
I'm not promoting ED's, these things just have helped me during my ongoing stuggle.
My opinion is: If you are on PT you probably already have an eating disorder, and are learning how to cope with it. I'd rather give a girl a small harmless tip than have her be without and have a total breakdown because she can't figure out what she's doing wrong when the tip could have helped her.
*Simple Helpful Tips*
  • To boost metabolism try adding a dash (1/4tsp) of cayenne pepper in some ice water and chugg it.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day! Literally keep a water bottle with you always.When you are hungry take a drink because you are probably dehydrated.
  • Do at least 20mins of Cardio a day. Or 2 1/2-3hrs a week.
  • Before getting on the scale clips your nails, shower and scrub your body, go to the bathroom, and strip.
  • When buying over the counter meds don't purchase one's that make you drowsy, you'll be less active and won't burn as many calories.
  • Invest in a jump rope, it burns nearly twice as many calories in comparison to most cardio.
  • When purging HYDRATE. You are losing vital fluids, and it makes it easier on your throat.
  • If you purge buy Pronamel toothpaste by Sensodyne. It restores and hardens enamel that is being eaten away by your stomach acid. 
  • Take a multivitamin daily. If you're a woman get one with Iron and Calcium.
  • If you are a gum chewer (like me) buy Trident EXTRA care. It's fortified with calcium to keep teeth strong.
  • Stop consuming table sugar.
  • If you go out to IHOP or a breakfast place and use syrup request diabetic syrup..its like 80% less calories.
  • When fasting do not over exert yourself.
  • Get out in the sun! The sun has vitamin D which if you're ED than you probably need it.

By the way I'm making it a 250 calorie day and I'm going to the gym. Hopefully I'm going to do Cardio for two hours! Then a lax tonight :) My birthday was great, thanks everyone! I ate a huge cheeseburger and opted to not have cake so I ate a milky way instead. What a great gift. Now time to sweat my ass off at the gym to make up for it. 
P.S- My hip bones are showing again (just a lil bit!) Tyler felt them last night and was like "OMFG those are sexy!"

Aug 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to me...

It's my birthday today. 
I'm 19. I'm actually really say that its my birthday because I love being young and nearing my 20's is scary to me. So last night Tyler and I had a great evening celebrating the last night as being 18.
I lost two more pounds :) Which is great but I'm not gonna get to excited because Tyler is taking me to dinner and a Movie tonight which means I have to eat. So I'm not weighing myself again until the 10th. This morning Tyler had to leave for work, but he only has to be there for a little bit. After he left I got a knock on the door and there was a delivery man with a bouquet of flowers! They were from Tyler :) they had a card that said "I love you, Happy Birthday Beautiful, p.s- You're a knockout!" 

Just so you know I've always thought being called a knockout is the best compliment.

Aug 3, 2010


So I woke up today really early. I usually wake up at 4am to kiss Tyler goodbye as he leaves for work, then roll back over and go to sleep. But this time I stayed up I binged down a breakfast prolly 400calories and It felt gross so I spent the morning shoving my toothbrush down my throat and purging. After I got absolutely everything out I drank tea, took my multivitamin, and Lida. I spent the rest of the day cleaning. 
When I say cleaning I mean this place is sexier than Brad Pitt's abs. 

 So since this is my happy post I'll start by saying I'm proud of myself for keeping my calories low! I'm super excited for college! You might not know it, but I'm that weird girl who loves going to school everyday! And thank you everyone for supporting me.. That breakdown was intense... Tyler is my angel though. I love him so much! We've been together 7months and he still gives me butterflies, and we still are just crazy in love 24/7. I love him I love him I love him! He's got big green eyes, big soft hands, and long muscular arms, the cutest patch of hair under his belly button, the softest pink lips, and a Tennessee tan. :)
Today I've eaten:
One rice cake-50als
20 Frozen grapes
One diet coke
And for dinner I'll either have a can of tuna, or a rice cake, or some mushrooms..
Anyways I'll keep it under 200 calories.
Ava-rose- I'm studying Nursing, how about you? :)
Winter-Girl-Tyler is the man I left my husband for and I don't regret it for a second!
Sarah- I live in Virginia :)

Aug 2, 2010

Dirty Diana

So since I started the pill turns out I was actually more like 148lbs the first day, and I'm on day four of the pill I'm down to 143! I lost 5lbs! YES!
I had an episode last night.. I wanted to kill myself. 
I got out of bed and grabbed my boyfriends knife and held it to my wrist I started to pierce my skin then stopped... I'd miss Tyler too much, and I couldn't do that to him. When I climbed back into bed he saw the starting cut and started crying. He held me all night telling me he loved me more than life it's self. I know he really does..which is a gift most people doubt their partners affection but not me. I know tyler loves me.
So I don't know if you all know the song Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson..but for some reason I picture a skinny girl with an ED. Is that wierd to assume that about fictional characters?

I've kept all my calorie intake under 600 calories for the last 4 days. I'm proud of myself. My birthday is in three days I hope I continue to lose wieght. I'm so excited for university!