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Oct 28, 2010

Starve-a-thon Day 3


I have good news and bad come good news always comes wrapped in bad news?
I'll start with the good measurements! Yay more loss! Oh by the way I fucked up on the first posts with the measurements... I mixed up my cm and was -1.4'' not cm after the first day.

Measurement Loss
Day 3

Waist:  -0.1''
Upper Thigh: -0.6''
Mid-Thigh:  -0.2''
Mid-Arm:   -0.3''
Upper Arm:  -0.3''
Chest:   -0       
Hips:   -0.2''

Day 3 Loss= 1.7''
Total Loss for the fast so far=  3.1''

So the bad news is I have to postpone the fast. No because I can't do it or anything but last night I got super bad pains in my lower abdomen and just odd symptoms I've never had before. So I'm going to get a check up I promised Tyler I would. If I was fine I'd restart the fast. But I'm restricting like crazy till monday/tuesday then I can hopefully resume the fast. Fruits, veggies, liquids and rice cakes till monday. I'm sorry girls :(

I know I'm a dissapointment.

Oct 27, 2010

Day 2 Stave-a-thon

Day 2

Well it's been interesting to say the least..
-I woke up feeling great!
-Peed and took measurements.
-Drank 1 pint of ice cold water with 1/2tsp of cayenne pepper with my diet pill.
-Took multivitamins, and then drank a cup of coffee with splenda.
-After about an hour I felt nauseous and tummy sick. 
So I don't know why i felt like that it's a new fasting symptom to me was the morning
And yea. So... ANYWAYS 
-I didn't go to the gym. Tyler is sick and I wanted to rush home to see him and take care of him. 

I hate being is filled with food. 
So much temptation!
I had an argument with Ana on my walk home:

Me- "You know..Tyler isn't home yet I could eat and then purge before he got home."
Ana-"Wow not only are you willing to be fat, but lie to Tyler."
Me- "Yeah I know but I'm hungry Ana! And It's not like anyone would know."
Ana-"I would know. You can't just leave me to hang w/ Mia. You belong to me!"
Me- "Ok..What about one strawberry? Pretty Please!"
Ana- "No! it'll ruin all you worked for. You can go w/out food forever! You're  strong!"
Me-"I love you Ana, Ok well I'll just grab my powerade zero instead."
Ana- "Good girl! I'm never leaving you, I'm always here. I understand you."

(Isn't it sad that some of my most empowering conversations come from Ana,the little fairy in my brain.
She tells me that she understands me, and doesn't judge.She told me in my dreams that she makes me happier.She said when I'm starving, it's her reminding me how good food is and to stop taking it for granted. Ana told me that when my nails turn blue and I'm shivering cold that I need to be grateful because it brings me closer to Tyler because I cuddle closer to him at night. She says she keeps me safe and loves me. I love her too in a really sick way.)

Total Loss From Days 1-2
Waist:     -2cm
Up/Thigh:  -1cm
Mid-Thigh: -2cm
Mid-Arm:   -3cm
Up/Arm:    -5cm
Chest:     -1cm
Hips:      -0cm     <- FAIL!

Total Loss= 1.4cm or 0.6inches

Oct 26, 2010

Day one of the Starve-a-thon


I like the name... I think I'm gonna copyright it he he he.
Anyways today is day one of my fast and it's going AMAZING!
I woke up, took my diet pill, had coffee with splenda and went to school. 
After Sociology I met up with Lena and we worked out like crazy!

-My Workout-
(I worked out from 11am-2:40pm)
  • Cycle: 8 miles
  • Stretching:10 mins
  •  Ellipticals (cross trainer) 2-3 miles
  • Circuit Training Class- 1hr. Part: kick boxing/boot camp/abs/guts/butts, all cardio!
  • Stretching again: 20 mins
  • Endurance Cycles- 1 hour
  • Abs: 250 military and side crunchies
Meanwhile I drake a powerade zero.
After hanging with Lena and chit chatting I went home. 
Tyler is UBER sick right now so I just fixed him dinner and he's in bed. 
I'm missing my favorite show tonight so that he can watch the game and relax. :)

I need to be thin.
I need to be tiny! 
I will complete this damn fast!

Oct 25, 2010

The Fast-thinspo

-I did go to the gym today and worked out for about an hour.
-I hung out with my new bestie today which was awesome, I super love her. She's now a size three!
-Tyler and I are still in love of course!
-I wanted to have a happy post so here it is! I totally binged today and ate too much, so I purged this morning and took a ton of laxies which are now murdering my guts..but oh well..-Tomorrow I'm starting my fast!!! YAY I know I said I'd start today but I had a huge midterm and had to eat, which lead to me binging. But I will do the fast and I will last at least TWO WEEKS. I'm making some rules:

The Radical Rules
  1. The fast must last at least 14 whole days.
  2. The consumption of solid food is prohibited!
  3. I must work out at least twice a week (intensely)
  4. I must do 250 crunchies every day.
  5. I must drink water!
  6. I must focus on staying beautiful by keeping my hair, face, clothes and makeup perfect.
  7. Once the fast has concluded take photos!
  8. Stay positive and focus and everyday focus on a reason that thin is perfection.
  9. When hungry focus on something productive: homework, housework, relationship, finances...
  10. Do not give up at 14 days.. remember it is the minimum! A real champion can go 30 days!
  11. Take before and after measurements!
  12. Post all measurements, routine and weights for your fabulous followers!

So I have a friend of mine who is modeling trying to break into the business big time... and I won't give her name or anything because I didn't ask her permission but I'm using her photos as the thinspo today. She's gorgeous! Embrace her beauty! I love her!. 
So here she is:

 Disclaimer-I do not own this pics, or have any rights to them. I am not using them to make any assumptions of the model herself.