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Feb 17, 2011

She's A Maniac

I have been working out like crazy every single damn day this week. 
Psh...this month actually!
Yesterday I ran four miles, bikes, did abs, and stretching and burned 535 calories I took in 575 calories of non-meat low fat/cal foods. I know a lot of people ask what calories I intake so I'll show you exact what this month has looked like.

Feb 1:    410 calories
Feb 2:    550
Feb 3:    600
Feb 4:    700
Feb 5:    1400 binge
Feb 6:    950  binge
Feb 7:    700
Feb 8:    850
Feb 9:    525
Feb 10:  -735
Feb 11:  860
Feb 12:  400
Feb 13:   1400 binge
Feb 14:   250 
Feb 15:   1800 binge
Feb 16:   550
Average= 891calories. 

^This means that in order to have an 800 calorie average for the month I cannot have any more binges, and in order to get a 600 or 500 calorie average I'm going to have to fast a few days... I know I round all my calories up like 50 cals its still terrible numbers.

-My IRL ana buddy just got fucked over by her man and I wanna kill him,
-I'm ordering my bikini soon
-Some guy offered me a ride yesterday it was hilarious.
-Fitness magazine said that 51% of women would skip sex for a year if it meant they could be skinny! LMAO LOVE IT! I know I would.
-I'm going to the gym again today! Yay!