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Dec 10, 2010

IM SO SORRY but great thin news!

I suck at keeping up on blogging but I am going through my finals week which for some retarded reason is stretched out amongst two terrible weeks.

So a personal update: Tyler and I are going on 11 months of being together…which is really special although I am expecting a fight talk tonight that might end the whole shebang. I am killing improving, killing myself trying to please him, everyone, myself the world. I started my water weight bloat time period so I hate life. I’ve been eating but not a lot…thank god.

Thin update, so for Christmas I bought myself a gift. Since everyone is opposed to my condition, way of life, who I am, diet… I had to get this gift:

Phendermine!!! I startedthe regime today and I already know its a miracle pill! Just got FDA approved this year, it reduces depression by 60% and is guarenteed to work or money back no question!!!
Its making me excitedly happy and energetic! I promise to write each of you all paragraphs soon I swear! I have a final tomorrow and two next wednesday then its winter break!!!! YAY


 XOXOXOXO think thin!