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Sep 3, 2010

Help Me

I'm sorry it took me so long to write comments on your blogs and read them all. And sorry I haven't posted recently I'm just so stressed. I know you all don't want to hear about the neatives in my life but I'm going to list some anyways just beacuse I need to write something. I promise to end on a good note though ;)
So this is what's been stressing me out:
-College (It's a little overwhelming right now)
-My Dad is dying.. His hearts failing and he needs a transplant.
-My favorite brother hasn't talked to me in forever... I miss him so much
-Money..Although my mom sent me some money to help me.
-Tyler.. It's not him exactly that is stressing me out but this last week has been the worst in our ENTIRE relationship. I don't know why but we get into more fights, haven't been as loving and passionate. He works all day and I have school all day so I know it's because we are both tired and stressed.
-My weight...Even though I know I've kept off all the weight that I've lost I still need to lose 20 pounds.
-Me. I just feel like by going to school I'm neglecting Tyler. I know all he wants is my love and attention but I have so much to do.. I love him so much. Everyone put in a little wish that me and Tyler work it out! :)

 Positives in my life:
-I was told by the only good looking guy in my socioloy class that I had stunning looks!
-I have the world's best boyfriend!
-My Glamor magazine came in the mail, and it's the largest issue in 20 years!!
-My school got canceled today because of the Hurricane! ( don't worry i'm fine!)
-My best friend might move in with me, but its a big "might"
-I have a job interview in a week! (wish me luck!)
-I get to see Kesha next month!
Okay so I love all of you and Ava... you rule! I wish all of us little monsters could live together and be equally and beautifully fucked up. LMAO. I really need you guys. You keep me sane!
-I met a girl in my chemistry class who's PERFECT! She must be 97pounds of perfection! 
Perfect Skin, Perfect Hair, Perfect Style! And I think she's anorexic.. In a sick way I hope she is so that we can become besties! I don't think she's Ana just because she's skinny but I watched her down a water bottle in class, and proceed to chug another one down! Then I saw her working out when I was, then we both took the same exercise class..She obviously doesn't need to lose weight but she definietly thinks so!

Aug 29, 2010

"Cause this is Thriller"

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson(aka the Patron Saint of POP)
On lieu of the King of Pop's Birthday I was going to bake a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.. Get it?! 
White on the outside, and black on the inside. ;)  But I don't have any cake mix and I have no money to go get any. Fuck I'm so broke. But I have been playing MJ all day long, and watched his TV special, and watching his music video's tonight! And I kissed the poster I have of him. I love you Michael! R.I.P!

Being broke sucks a large cellulite ass.
I have 35cents in my bank account. The only thing good about being broke is that I don't have anything in my cupboards to eat. So on my schedule for school I get out at 1pm everyday, and Tyler doesn't get home till 4pm which means I can go study for an hour and work out for two hours! I'm so happy that we the Univ has a SPEC-FUCKING-TASTICAL gym. 
I'm seriously happier than a teenage boy discovering the password to the porn channel.
So today I've eating half of a top ramen soup... and for dinner I might have some baby carrots.
I love that Lida removes my hunger. I cannot wait for my Financial Aid disbursement check.. OMG I have to buy books, school, clothes, bills, groceries,clothes, a bike, and did I mention CLOTHES!?! 

This school year's wish/to do list: cigarettes, a kick ass wardrobe, at least one girl-friend, pass all my classes, make a ton of friends, join a club, get to 115 pounds, get job, take a shit ton of pictures, go clubbing, get wasted at a college kegger, get another tattoo, get a pet bunny!
For MJ fans: