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Jul 10, 2010

In the middle of the car crash he turned to me and said..

Living is so pretty lets do it again....

On the fourth of July Ty and I went to watch fireworks on the beach. We were on my polka dotted blanket with chips and salsa and watched fireworks over the bay.
How picturesque right?
Afterwords we headed back to the car, in love and happy. As we pulled out of the side street heading home a Ford F150 plowed into my car, striking me driver side. I was the driver. I woke up to Tyler pulling me out of the car, everything hurt my mouth was bleeding everywhere.

Its been a week since the accident and I'm stuck in bed..and will be for two more weeks. So I can't exercise which is a life ruiner. Luckily I was the only one injured in the accident. My pretty little car is totaled.
So I moved in with Tyler and he's been so good to me. Last night we went out with our friend Eric to get some Pho..which is a Vietnamese dish. It was good but I'm not eating anymore. I'm fat and I know it.

I keep having flash backs of the crash and sometimes wishing I died in the wreck.