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Nov 6, 2010

Starve-A-Thon resumed..


Thank you everyone for the comments and support. I guess when I look at the first and last photo I can see a difference. But when I look in the mirror I still resemble a walrus or perhaps an elephant. So I went to the doctor and I'm good. My blood work came back "normal" for an anemic. 


-I found out the calcium aides in burning fat so I'm taking calcium supplements with magnesium so that they absorb better.
- The starve-a-thon will resume from a day zero stand point and go for 2 weeks to 4 weeks.
-Tyler told me he will support me 100% in losing weight because it'll make me happy. He's gonna stop bringing junk food in the house, go to the gym more, and he'll stop asking me to eat. But like all good things including sex, drugs, and chocolate there is a catch. If I go below 115 he'll stop me. 
Although 110-100 would be much better I cannot complain...outloud at least.

Workout Regime

-I will be doing 3hour workout sessions twice a week, and a 1 hour workout on the weekend.
-Tuesdays are weight training and Circuit Training class.
-Thursdays are pure cardio and Circuit Training class. 
**On weeks where I hit a plateau I will workout an extra two hours.

So I'mma avoid all food by exstensive: cleaning, homework, doing my hair and nails and sleep.
Love you all and remember my little monsters

Nov 3, 2010

Before and After must see!!

I've read ALL your blogs but I'm only gonna comment on the last posted since I read at least 85 from the past week and a half lol. 
-The doc said I was doing ok so I will resume my fast! YAY!
-I have some before and afters from May to August to Now.
I love you girls! Tyler and I are doing well. Btw I got a new celly if there is anyone in the US who wants to txt lemme know!

I've lost 7.9 inches off my body in one week and two days!

May 2010 155/157:
 Yes thats a teepee...
August/July 2010:

October 2010:

Newest november 2010:

Oct 31, 2010


-Thanks for all the understanding girls :)

-I've been working out EVERY day, and still measuring everyday. To my surprise I'm losing weight still!
So fuck yes!

Since the 26th I've lost:
(stiletto roll please!)

5.85'' total from all my areas
(Waist, Hips, Chest, Legs, Arms, Tummy)

I have a flat tummy now... but I dont want to jinx it yet!!  Hopefully once the big checkup is finished I can resume my fast. I know I have sucked balls at reading your posts but I have midterms up the ass. I love you little monsters.

Oh. I met a fox. He lives outside my apartment building. A real fox not like Taylor Lautner, which is a STONE COLD FOX, but a real one. I named him moziepaws.. like mozilla firefox. He is stunningly cute!