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Oct 31, 2010


-Thanks for all the understanding girls :)

-I've been working out EVERY day, and still measuring everyday. To my surprise I'm losing weight still!
So fuck yes!

Since the 26th I've lost:
(stiletto roll please!)

5.85'' total from all my areas
(Waist, Hips, Chest, Legs, Arms, Tummy)

I have a flat tummy now... but I dont want to jinx it yet!!  Hopefully once the big checkup is finished I can resume my fast. I know I have sucked balls at reading your posts but I have midterms up the ass. I love you little monsters.

Oh. I met a fox. He lives outside my apartment building. A real fox not like Taylor Lautner, which is a STONE COLD FOX, but a real one. I named him moziepaws.. like mozilla firefox. He is stunningly cute!


  1. Stilleto roll! I love it!

    Great work on the weight loss. Haha I have exams coming up too - this is my procrastination + motivation not to pig out too much!

    xx Kat

  2. aww foxes are gorgeous... both kinds. i so thought u meant a man when i read fox coz my friend and i are always are on the lookout for silver foxes which u may be able to guess are hot older men. anyway congrats on the teenie tiny measurements. xo

  3. Well done on the loss sweetie
    big motivation
    stay strong

  4. woo for the weight loss! you're so amazing.
    good luck with exams xx

  5. <3 foxes. They're such cute little muffins! I want one.

    Congrats on the loss!!


  6. ohh an actual fox? lol i thought u meant a hot guy! bahahahhaha xoxoxo tc babe

  7. You're amazing, beautiful.
    The fox sounds cute!!! :)

  8. Haha I didn't get that you meant the animal until I read the other comments...brain no longer working...too much school.

    Congrats on your success so far, though! It's very motivating!