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Jul 22, 2010


Yesterday I had a moment of weakness and had prolly 1500+ calories.
Fuck fuck fuckity fuck McFuck.
Today I'm on day five of the Insanity Workout and I already look a ton better. I also downloaded Hip hop Abs and I'm gonna try weight loss hyponotherapy.
I just ordered some weightloss pills that some girls from PT have just started using and most have seen amazing results, like losing 6 pounds in 4 days or 11 pounds in a week! So with my calorie restricting to less than 600 and less calories a day, the workout videos, the hypnotherapy, laxatives and my will power
I've already lost about 8 pounds this week thanks to Insanity!

I'm gonna start posting my weight loss in this blog ritually.

Jul 19, 2010

Coke Vanilla Zero :) Lubb it!

SO I'm on day three of the Insanity Workout. And it's INSANE!
I don't mean: "Like O.M.G you guys that movie was INSANE!!" I mean: ""  We the Jury find the defendant.." 
Ty hates me. I mean he loves me more than life itself, but he cannot stand me. I wont let him read my blog so then he gets pissed and shuns me. Or he'll kiss my tummy and really tick me off. Of course I know that in two seconds after being pissed at eachother we'll be all over eachother like a fat girl on a twinkie.

By the way Coke Vanilla Zero is probably the best invention since electricity... Better than the ipod! It's so tasty and bubbly and guess what "NO CALORIES!!"- *SCREAMS IN LOUD OPRAH VOICE*
I'm an active Pretty Thin user and everyone there is obviously Anti-tips right? Which I understand because "growing" a disorder is no joke but I love tips because I go insane without loing weight.
And I'm guiltier than O.J friggen Simpson because I always give weight loss tips!
On a side note I have a friend who is anorexic.. I don't mean she's secretly anorexic and no one knows it, I mean if you walked passed her you'd think it was a skeleton exhibit. She i think is in the middle of recovery. I hate that when she found out I was EDNOS she got super pissy with my. 
I was like REALLY? REALLY? You've got so many visible bones I have to put my dog on a leash when you come over cause she think you're a treat.
I'm jealous... sick I know.

Oh and I've decided that since I can't eat I'll treat myself to some eye candy ;)

 uh huh.. nom nom nom nom ( he prolly loves skinny so fkn fat)

Jul 18, 2010


Thank you Ava Rose :) For voting for me in the Blogger Addict Award, it seriously cheered up my day.
Thank you Ty for being without a doubt the world's BEST boyfriend..

Even though you piss my the fuck off 99% of ALL THE TIME!
Thank you PT and my blog followers. 

Tyler is the greatest bf because when I fast he lets me, he loves healthy food, his big hands make me feel fragile and tiny. I'd rather munch on his kisses than food any damn day!
My birthday is August 5th. Yay 19! THE MOST POINTLESS BIRTHDAY
I'm no longer the sexy "barely legal" age, and still not old enough to liquor up... well legally.
Just so you know I'm gonna be doing the INSANITY workout...I'm hesitant to show pictures of my body even though my profile picture is a real picture of me. IDK.
I'm so messed up. I yelled at Tyler when he went to kiss my tummy. He was just being an amazing bf, and I got so pissed at him. But thank TYRA BANKS that he knows I have a problem and he forgives me.

I'm fat, fat, god i'm so fucking fat.
Blogger Addict Award!

5 Things That Piss Me the Fuck Off
1) Empty Ice Trays
2) Clothes that are too tight
3) 13 year old slut wanna bee's
4) Naturally skinny people lol
5) Steve Wilkos Show

5 Things I Love
1) My BF!
2) My blankie!
3) Losing weight
4) Coffee!!!
5) Oregon! The whole fuckin state!

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