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Jul 18, 2010


Thank you Ava Rose :) For voting for me in the Blogger Addict Award, it seriously cheered up my day.
Thank you Ty for being without a doubt the world's BEST boyfriend..

Even though you piss my the fuck off 99% of ALL THE TIME!
Thank you PT and my blog followers. 

Tyler is the greatest bf because when I fast he lets me, he loves healthy food, his big hands make me feel fragile and tiny. I'd rather munch on his kisses than food any damn day!
My birthday is August 5th. Yay 19! THE MOST POINTLESS BIRTHDAY
I'm no longer the sexy "barely legal" age, and still not old enough to liquor up... well legally.
Just so you know I'm gonna be doing the INSANITY workout...I'm hesitant to show pictures of my body even though my profile picture is a real picture of me. IDK.
I'm so messed up. I yelled at Tyler when he went to kiss my tummy. He was just being an amazing bf, and I got so pissed at him. But thank TYRA BANKS that he knows I have a problem and he forgives me.

I'm fat, fat, god i'm so fucking fat.
Blogger Addict Award!

5 Things That Piss Me the Fuck Off
1) Empty Ice Trays
2) Clothes that are too tight
3) 13 year old slut wanna bee's
4) Naturally skinny people lol
5) Steve Wilkos Show

5 Things I Love
1) My BF!
2) My blankie!
3) Losing weight
4) Coffee!!!
5) Oregon! The whole fuckin state!

Awesome, Blog-Addicted Bloggers
Adventures in EDNOS


  1. Hey, Liz from Adventures in EDNOS here :)
    I noticed this morning that you were following me... so I went to read your blog, and bam! there's an award waiting for me! Thank you!

    I don't know how much of my blog you've read, but I'm from Oregon too! But I'm from Beaverton, not Medford :)

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  2. No, I didn't go to OSU. I actually am still in school and I go to Beloit College in Wisconsin. I almost went to U of O, but Beloit gave me a crapton of scholarships, so I ended up there :)

    Are you still in school, or did you graduate?

  3. Yayyy any crazy plans for your bday??!! I'm lucky living in oz- the drinking age is 18!! weeeeeeee!!
    your welcome honey!!! Love your blog!!xx