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Jul 19, 2010

Coke Vanilla Zero :) Lubb it!

SO I'm on day three of the Insanity Workout. And it's INSANE!
I don't mean: "Like O.M.G you guys that movie was INSANE!!" I mean: ""  We the Jury find the defendant.." 
Ty hates me. I mean he loves me more than life itself, but he cannot stand me. I wont let him read my blog so then he gets pissed and shuns me. Or he'll kiss my tummy and really tick me off. Of course I know that in two seconds after being pissed at eachother we'll be all over eachother like a fat girl on a twinkie.

By the way Coke Vanilla Zero is probably the best invention since electricity... Better than the ipod! It's so tasty and bubbly and guess what "NO CALORIES!!"- *SCREAMS IN LOUD OPRAH VOICE*
I'm an active Pretty Thin user and everyone there is obviously Anti-tips right? Which I understand because "growing" a disorder is no joke but I love tips because I go insane without loing weight.
And I'm guiltier than O.J friggen Simpson because I always give weight loss tips!
On a side note I have a friend who is anorexic.. I don't mean she's secretly anorexic and no one knows it, I mean if you walked passed her you'd think it was a skeleton exhibit. She i think is in the middle of recovery. I hate that when she found out I was EDNOS she got super pissy with my. 
I was like REALLY? REALLY? You've got so many visible bones I have to put my dog on a leash when you come over cause she think you're a treat.
I'm jealous... sick I know.

Oh and I've decided that since I can't eat I'll treat myself to some eye candy ;)

 uh huh.. nom nom nom nom ( he prolly loves skinny so fkn fat)

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