Sarcasm, Eating Disorders, College Life, and everything else.. Oh and for those who hate cursing.. Fuck you. Just kidding.. But seriously.

Aug 16, 2012

My 21st Birthday

It was awesome! I drank with my lawyer, coworkers, bf and all my friends!
I won a bikini contest, saw the sunrise over the ocean and saw dolphins swimming as the sun rose.

Apr 11, 2012

The world is a fucked up place

As the title says; the world IS a fucked up place.
I dont really feel like explaining why that is but just take my word for it...
Still dancing and so excited to start my next semester!
I dont know if I mentioned it you all last time but I had to take a trip to Los Angeles to see my Nana who was ill.. Turns out she's doing alright and the trip was AMAZING!

 I fucking hated sluggishly dragging my feet on the return flight knowing coming home
    would suck more than a pineapple up the ass.... but I digress.

The trip was a success because my poppa was there and he gave me a gift. It was a brand new deck of california novelty playing cards, now that seems really lame to most people but my dad has never given me a gift in my life. So, finally, at 20 years old this little monster got her first gift from her daddy. Secondly one of my favorite people in the whole wide world met up with me in LA. An old flame, so to speak, We'll call him Noah. I've known Noah longer than almost any guy that I still talk to, we never dated but he was my first love. We rambled around hollywood; having dinner, seeing sites and catching up. It was one of the best nights in years.

Anyways I've been reading your blogs and am soon to comment on all of yours!
Here's some pics, funny pics and pics of Momma Monster herself, moi :)
Talk to you ravenous beauties later! xoxoxoxo

New Pics of Me

Mar 14, 2012

Diamond Dogs

I'm One Bad Bitch and I Got a Rhinestone Collar ;)

Thank you little monsters for posting such a joyous welcome back!
Well big news.. I'm going to L.A this weekend and be staying there for almost two weeks.
My family lives there, specifically my nana who's sick, and I, like fringe bangs, is due for a schnazzy return!
Anywhoozle Tyler and I are over, I still dance and I'm posting you all pics. :)
Love and Miss you all!

Feb 5, 2012

Happy Girls Are The Prettiest...

My how long its been...

I've missed you all and so so much has happened. I'm still a dancer and I love it.
It's a dirty little world we dancers share.. Its ice cold and blurry. A mix of sweat and black tears.


It's all terribly complicated. my life
I'm 120 but tiny and muscular. I'm famous in a little hole in the wall on the wrong side of town. But there..I'm known.

I get ready every night....
I put on my work clothes...
           ...fishnet pantyhose....

The stage is my spotlight, where I toss away all insecurity. On that stage im FIERCE.
Off it I'm still me..the one you all know and hopefully love.

I love you all and most likey am gonna start writing on here again... there is much for you to hear.
Well my little monsters, my dancing pixles I bid you adieu,

-Dirty Diana xoxoxxo

Sep 6, 2011

You won't believe this...

When I chose this title I was aiming it at those who have followed my blog for quite some time.
The ones who know why I started a blog..sat at thier screen and saw me pour my heart out about my anorexia, cutting, self abuse, mental abuse, relationships and school...

Well, you truly wont believe this... I love my body. For the first time in my life I love it! It has flaws but it also has areas of perfection that I could not be anything more than greatful for!

My arms are sculpted and slender, my legs have no cellulite and tons of definition, I have ABS! And I still have big tits and ass!

I will never fit a size 1 but the girls who can fit a size one will prolly never fill out a 36D bra like I can...

Pole dancing saved my life...


-I am still pole dancing and I love every second of it
-I have more friends! Granted they are pole dancers too
-I took a random road trip to georgia with Lena
-Tyler and I broke up, we still love each other but its over.
-I started my second year of university!
-I'm starting to be happier and happier
-I miss all of you!
-Yesterday I ate french fries and didnt think twice about it
-I made some bitch jealous..hahahaha suck it whore!

Aug 22, 2011


Some things were meant to be controlled...

but not me.

Ty and I officially broke up. We were faking more than him.
As the summer dwindles to a halt the bitterness of forgotten memories accompanies the frigid bite from winter which slowly creeps in.

One year and 7 months....gone
We had a good run. I love him so much.

I'm thinking of moving...maybe florida or New York.. I need to up-root

I cannot be chained or harnessed...Tyler learned that.
And I, I cannot change others...even if it is for the better. I learned that.

                                 I'm gonna marry the night and make love to the stars.
I've given up on earthly items...I'm living my life now.

Aug 13, 2011

Darkness Falls

Despite my new life of sexuality and empowerment I find myself hating my body and aching again.

Hungry not for food...A craving that I cannot fill.


emaciate me.


It happened slowly..all the girls I dance with are small..100-125 lbs maybe even smaller..
I am one of the three girls who are considered the biggest...I get paid as much if not more than the other girls but I hate being classified as the curvy one.. I have a small waist but huge hips and tits.

I am going to diet... or worse.
I need to lost ten pounds....

Aug 7, 2011

second star to the right

Thank you all for caring so much
 Ty and I had a huge blow out which made me think over my life.
Not it's worth but it's purpose. I fear as though I am missing out on something big sometimes.
Like this lifestyle is holding me back.
Yesterday was my birthday, I am officially 20 years old.
Wow I never wanted to be this old. Yes, I know it sounds stupid but all I ever wanted was to be a teen.
...afterall Peter Pan was my favorite story as a child.
My birthdays are usually terrible mind-fuck tradgedies of epic propotions... until this year!
It was something out of a movie....


(ahhh fuck yea! glitter and tequilla!)

so early yesterday morning (noonish) I woke up to Ty telling my happy birthday then we cleaned up the apartment and he left to the DMV (department of motor vehicals oh who gives a fuck) I stayed home I cleaned the apartment in preparation for the following night.. Ty gets back around 3-4 and we go get his ID card, junk food, and liquor! Now after returning and preppipng the apartment I go off to work. I get there are 7pm (more like 7:30 but it was my bday I can be late...) And the girls lead me inside... The ENTIRE club is decorated with streamers, confetti, and baloons! Everyone is wishing my happy birthday and sneaking me some shots of liqour back stage. Once work picks up around 11pm everyone is there tipping me and parting for me it was great. Then the DJ calls everyone off the stage and they sit me, with my tiara and wand in a chair on the stage next to a pole and makes the girls give me dances while everyone cheers, and sings happy birthday. Next, one of the girls brings up a cake with the 20 candle and the whole club says HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU SEXY BITCH! while I blew out the candles!!

 It was awesome. After work we all headed back to my apartment and that when the fun happened..
We got in, put on the music and started drinking...there must have been 12 -15 people ( I can't remember) there we baked the pizza's took shots, released my bunny, danced, traded clothes, played poker..Some people fucked in my bedroom, Tyler puked in the bathtub, I puked in a trash can.. over all it was a huge success. In the morning (1pm) most of the people were gone, my mirror was broke in half, two cups are missing and a cup I have never seen was in  my sink, one of my friends shirts was in the kitchen and I was on the couch. I don't remember much but it was awesome. So I finally did it, I had a great birthday once and for all. Kesha would be proud.

Aug 4, 2011

please stop the train

i think it's time i leave again.
i've been here far too long
i'm growing attached to people and places
i think im hurting again

I can't stay in one place too long...I'm thinking of moving out of the country...where is a good place?

i'm hurting again
tyler is hurting me.
i feel caged

Aug 1, 2011

I Feel So Alive

"Everyday is a new day
I'm thankful for
Every breath I take
I won't take you for granted (I won't take you for granted)
So I learn from my mistakes
It's beyond my control
Sometimes it's best to let go
Whatever happens
In this lifetime
So I trust in love (and so I trust in love)
You have given me
Peace of mind

I feel so alive
For the very first time
I can't deny you
I feel so alive
I feel so alive
For the very first time
And I think I can fly"

I find this feeling to be so very alien.. I'm used to logging on to blogger so depressed and one minded but now I feel changed. Not changed in the sense that I've become something different but that my outlook has improved.

Since I started pole dancing I've filled some sort of void- and since I've moved here I havent had many friends. It's been a life of solitude for the past two years... A shell shock experience for me because I was so used to be surrounded by people who loved me, both friends, and family. Now that I dance, I have friends again: other dancers, bouncers, waitresses and customers.
 I'm happy again.

It's going to sound corny but being an exotic dancer saved me. I actual have fun.
Like real fun.

I don't have to fake smiles, laughs, or even care about what I eat.
I don't starve myself anymore, and it's not because I don't want to be tiny, trust me I's just I know I burn so many calories at work that I never worry. That and I have no time for binging or time to think about it. Another way I was saved by dancing was that the men who come and watch me dance seem so mesmerized by my body that I feel like I have something to be proud of.

Every single night there is a guy there who practically begs me to date them or insists that I get their number.
It's flattering to say the least.

Here is something very serious...something that I guess did change me...
I've noticed that some of the men that go are extremely unattractive and middle aged but they come up to me and buy me a drink and just talk. They aren't there to get some ass they just want someone to talk to them and make them feel beautiful on the inside..It hurt me to realize just how judgmental I've become. The inside is what matters most.
 They are just as beautiful as anyone else.

You, my little monsters, are all beautiful.

Now that the seriousness have been discussed here is the fun O.M.G segment.

The section fucking awesomness.

  •  OMG- I get paid nearly $1,000 dollars a week tax free dancing part time.
  • OMG- I just went shopping bought my bf shoes, me shoes, a thriller jacket, jeans, three shirts for Ty, one for me, dinner and a movie, got my nails done, got Ty's hair done all on what I made this first week and I still have so much money left.
  • OMG- after an amazing weekend me four guy friends, Ty and another dancer went to IHOP restruant at 4am then went home and got drunk...
  • OMG- I get to dance to Michael Jackson, wear glitter, have the swagger of Ke$ha, and get hit on...for a living.
  • OMG- Ty and I have incredible sex on the nights he sees me dance.

And that my lovely ladies is the conclusion.
I love you all so much! Stay Classy!