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Sep 6, 2011

You won't believe this...

When I chose this title I was aiming it at those who have followed my blog for quite some time.
The ones who know why I started a blog..sat at thier screen and saw me pour my heart out about my anorexia, cutting, self abuse, mental abuse, relationships and school...

Well, you truly wont believe this... I love my body. For the first time in my life I love it! It has flaws but it also has areas of perfection that I could not be anything more than greatful for!

My arms are sculpted and slender, my legs have no cellulite and tons of definition, I have ABS! And I still have big tits and ass!

I will never fit a size 1 but the girls who can fit a size one will prolly never fill out a 36D bra like I can...

Pole dancing saved my life...


-I am still pole dancing and I love every second of it
-I have more friends! Granted they are pole dancers too
-I took a random road trip to georgia with Lena
-Tyler and I broke up, we still love each other but its over.
-I started my second year of university!
-I'm starting to be happier and happier
-I miss all of you!
-Yesterday I ate french fries and didnt think twice about it
-I made some bitch jealous..hahahaha suck it whore!