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Mar 22, 2011

Bikini Season Awaits

So March has been a FAT AS FUCK month..
0-1400 calories.
Gym gym gym.
May 7th is nearing... I must be 117 by that exact date.

As I walk throughout the campus I become a critic, freak, spectator.
-She is too fat..I hate her.
-She is so skinny... I hate her too.
-(mirror) She is so disgusting. I really fucking hate her.

I'm starting a fast again. I'll video tape it.
I'm a fat fuck... I hate myself. I cried last night for hours.
 (at least crying probably burns calories)

I hate myself most days...
I think I'm fat, ugly, annoying, rude, gross, worthless.

I want to be invisible, desirable, beautiful...but there is nothing beautiful about me.  I purge in the restrooms you use, I faint in the gyms you workout it, I cringe is the restaurants you FEED in, I shrivle in the sun you grow in. I am an anorexic.


Mar 21, 2011

Fatty Fuck Needs A Fast

I hate the 120's... I'm fasting again... Videos? Im so fucking fat!