Sarcasm, Eating Disorders, College Life, and everything else.. Oh and for those who hate cursing.. Fuck you. Just kidding.. But seriously.


I always am on the look out for the 
best foods for my "diet." 
So if you haven't heard of these get
ready for a surprise!!

35 calories a slice for bread! It comes in Wheat and White :) Nature's Own:

Single Serving Jello 10 calories.
Jello* Comes in many flavors!
Love Butter?! I do! Zero cal butter spray!
I can't believe it's not butter*

Coke Zero! 0 cal, 0 carb! Tastes great!
Coke* comes in my fave Coke Vanilla Zero
Peter Pan Whipped Low Cal PB.
*Creamy and DELISH!

Caramel Rice Cakes
50 calories!

Almond Milk! Less cals than regular milk and nearly no fat!
I prefer Almond Breeze but silk is good too.

Splenda! Zero Calorie sweetner!
Measures just like sugar.

DIET HOT COCOA! I swear I'm drinking some right now!
Tastes so good! 35 cals! yes please!
Salad Dressing Spray!
Asian is my Fave! 1 calorie per spray!
Chicken Low Sodium Boullion Cubes.
Usually 5-15 cals per cube (depends on brand)
Drop it in hot water for a soupy broth!

Egg Beaters Egg Whites
The lowest calorie part of an egg is the whites! 
Very tastey if you add some cayenne pepper!
Iced Skinny Soy Vanilla Latte @ Starbucks!
Sm under 70 Calories!

Torani 0 Calorie Coffee Syrups!
Add them to anything!
Find the low cal/diabetic Isle in the store, every single one has one! It's amazing what you'll find.

Remember ...