Sarcasm, Eating Disorders, College Life, and everything else.. Oh and for those who hate cursing.. Fuck you. Just kidding.. But seriously.

Views on eating.

My view of "pro-ana", anorexica and eating disorder as a whole.

Every single day the human race is being manipulated. All around us there are movers and shakers selling products and convincing us that we need them when in fact we don't. This society is a market for the 7 deadly sins and I feel that the worst is upon us now. Gluttony. We cannot get enough of anything, or and everything! Turn on your television! Turn on you radio what do you see and what are you hearing. Most commercials are geared towards food, fast food, ready to eat, super sizes, deluxes, meals, "now with more this" Now better then that.."
Now turn off you tv and radio.
1 in 8 Americans are severely in danger of dying from obese related illnessess. With those statistics why are people still standing in line for a big mac? Because they are gluttonous! They tell lies like they are healthy fast food, they have salads and whole grain! Everything there is processed and covered in fat.

"A friend of mine bought a big mac and wanted to do an experiment, he left it on his fridge for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks he took it off the counter and looked at it and it looked nearly imacculent! Like he had just bought it! Disgusted, yet amazed he tossed in on the counter and went to work. Little did he know his son came to visit from his mothers, he saw the burger on the counter and tossed it in the microwave then ate it. Not knowing how old it was."

Disguting right? By the way the dad took the kid to the hospital to have his stomach pumped... The moral of that little story is that fast food is not healthy for human consumption. It take weeks for that food to break down because all the sugar and fat encases the food. All those preservatives go into YOUR body! Have you ever wondered why it takes longer to lose weight than to gain it? It's because what you are putting in your delicate body is an army ready to make camp and stay! Your feeble attempt to remove them is nearly powerless. It stays swimming in your arteries and blood stream turning fat cells into super cells and is pulling the plug on every helpful organ your body has as defenses.

So who is in the right? The movers and shakers or the crazy ones like me who see the food industry like it it? I believe in Eat to live, not LIVE to eat.  Think of this next time you hit the drive through. Is your will so weak that you can't even protect your body?! Self control to better yourself is what we all need a little of. Eat healthier and guess what, you'll look and feel better too!
Do your research! You are what you eat and you eat your weaknesses. Find your own new world order. Live the life that you find is right!