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Jan 27, 2011

Sorry I've been missing...

I'm sorry for being gone! On day ten of my fast I found out that my Grandma died.. So I broke the fast and flew 3000 miles home for the funeral.

-Got shitty drunk and threw up redvines and vodka outside a cold and cheap hotel while my brother held my hair back.

-Ate some chinese food.

All my friends back home exploded on my for being "too skinny" And my mother tried to have a sit down with me...she thinks i need help. psh. My best friend had the audacity to see me and say "eat much?" then continued to tell me its ok to be a healthy weight and I need to start eating...She's just jealous.

Yep I said it and I'm a bitch.

I missed you all. I'm gonna start another fast just because...I'm fat...if I can beat the 120 threshold I know I can make it to 110.

Oh newsflash Ty gave me permission to vomit if i want to! Score. I got to go... the gym is calling my name!

Think thin, be thin!