Sarcasm, Eating Disorders, College Life, and everything else.. Oh and for those who hate cursing.. Fuck you. Just kidding.. But seriously.


Tips and thin things I live by.
Disclaimer: if you don't think they are healthy then don't complain I'm not saying you should do them they are simply tips I find helpful to me.

  1. Drink water every single day. Tons of it. If you don't feel the urge to pee every hour you aren't drinking enough.
  2. Carry a water bottle at all times...Preferably a eco friendly bottle. Save the planet and your body!
  3. After working out take at least 15 mins of intense stretching. Working out builds muscle and will make them short....Elongate them for tone looking muscles.
  4. Surround yourself with thinspo.. a thinspo journal, thinspo on your phone, on the fridge what ever it takes.
  5. When getting diet pills make sure you read the bottle..most pills are just caffine which can lead to you being strung out then crashing which leads to binging... Look for appetite suppressants or anoretics.
  6. Did you know that the word anorexic and anoretic come from the same greek root words? An- means without and rexa-rexic means appetite. :)
  7. When choosing healthy foods read the lables and do your research... For instance although they are fruit bananas have the highest calorie in fruit.
  8. Take a multivitamin! Most anorexics and Bulimics are lacking in vitamin D and iron so find a vitamin that is high in those.
  9. Take weekly measurements of EVERY area on your body. You can find out which spot loses weight the slowest and try to tone it!
  10. Cut out regular soda.. there is no reason to drink it! Empty calories = filled out jeans! yuck.
  11. Cayenne pepper speeds the metabolism
  12. Green Tea's especially Oolong tea are the best for your body. Zero calorie and chock full of antioxadants as well as metabolism boosters.
  13. Fuck elavators... Take the stairs.  Do you like wearing shorts? If you ever plan on wearing some then those legs better look amazing.
  14. When you get a hunger craving drink...fuck that. Chug water...and distract yourself.
  15. At the grocery store it is so hard to eat EVERYTHING so here's the best tip: Stay away from the inside isles... everything you need (besides pickles! lol) is on the outside rim. At the register look at your cart..ask yourself "Do I NEED this" If it's oreos I'm gonna tell you right now that the answer is no.
  16. Buy a pair of jeans that are too small.. not "a little too small" I mean you haven't fit into this size since you were a freshman small. GET INTO THOSE JEANS!
  17. Know how many grams = a certain amount of calories. Carbs = 4Cal/gram, Protein = 4Cal/gram, and Fat =9Cal/gram. Btw 1 Cal =1,000 calories.
  18. If your family, friends, or lover is against your goal find ways to work it out.. lie, hide..whatever.
  19. If you are Mia.... invest in perscription strength flouride toothpaste or Enamel Pro by sensodyne.
  20. Also if you're mia carry a good neosporin or rejuvenating lotion and make sure and teeth marks on your knuckles get treated! they are a dead giveaway.
  21. Fuck the following items: ice cream, candy, cookies, cakes, creamers, fast food. If it tastes good it's trying to kill you.
  22. 1 out of 8 americans are severely overweight... this is the land of opportunity people! so beat the statistics and get skinny and healthy.
  23. BMI's are a lie...they are based on averages which in 22 you can see that the average is disgusting.. in the next ten years that average is going to double.
  24. Ditch your fat friends..sounds mean right? Wrong. Fat friends have Fat habits and habits are easy to pick up. They might think that never working out and twinkies are a great idea as they hang around you in sweatpants sweating out their breakfast in their rolls... ew get the FUCK away from them. get healthy friends!!!
  •  Look at your skin and body. Analyze it. Is your skin loose or tight, is the fat loose are hard? If the fat is hard its intramuscular and is much harder to get rid of. If its loose is subcutaneous (bad fat) filled with lard and water! Drink more and cut down your fat and carbs. Ketosis will eliminate this. 

    • Buy a camera and take a picture of you then look at...REALLY look at it. Be critical! Realize that when you look at yourself others may see you ten times fatter. 
    • Put tea and low cal foods on lower shelves..preferably at eye level. You'll grab for them more its scientifically proven. How come all the candy and junk food at stores at at eye level? To sell them of course. 
    • Plan events during the hours of 2-7 that's when you are the hungriest. Be fkn busy!
    • DO NOT reward yourself with food...thats fkn stupid. Honestly its like rewarding a recovering drug addict with cocaine...