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Fast-Recaps and Info

Start December 29th 2010
(15 day fast, vlog daily)

Day 1. 
In the blog I told viewers about my plans of completed a 15 day fast and strive for 30 days. The first few days will be liquid and the rest will be water fasting. I showed some products I'll be drinking. My videos can be found on youtube with the words "liquid fasting day uno" my screen-name is SouthFoxx and channel name The Rearview mirror.
Intakes: Water with Lemon juice
        Diet Mtn Dew
         A sip of juice
         Two Hot Chocolates
Day 2.
In the blog I discussed what I was drinking and how I felt. I was tired and felt crappy in the morning. I did workout a little. I walked a few miles, and did some planks and crunchies. 
Intakes: Water w/ lemon juice
One Hot cocoa
One qt of powerade zero
Diet mtn dew 4 oz
soup broth

Day 3. 
Today I'm going to the mall aka food central! We are going to chilies and I'm not eating just asking for soup so I can sip the broth the soup is the green chili one with 100 cals..but will be half that since its just broth, and two coke zero's. Wish me luck!
Intakes: Broth, 
Coke zero
sparkling grape juice,
Day 4.