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Oct 28, 2010

Starve-a-thon Day 3


I have good news and bad come good news always comes wrapped in bad news?
I'll start with the good measurements! Yay more loss! Oh by the way I fucked up on the first posts with the measurements... I mixed up my cm and was -1.4'' not cm after the first day.

Measurement Loss
Day 3

Waist:  -0.1''
Upper Thigh: -0.6''
Mid-Thigh:  -0.2''
Mid-Arm:   -0.3''
Upper Arm:  -0.3''
Chest:   -0       
Hips:   -0.2''

Day 3 Loss= 1.7''
Total Loss for the fast so far=  3.1''

So the bad news is I have to postpone the fast. No because I can't do it or anything but last night I got super bad pains in my lower abdomen and just odd symptoms I've never had before. So I'm going to get a check up I promised Tyler I would. If I was fine I'd restart the fast. But I'm restricting like crazy till monday/tuesday then I can hopefully resume the fast. Fruits, veggies, liquids and rice cakes till monday. I'm sorry girls :(

I know I'm a dissapointment.


  1. You are NOT- in any way a disappointment!!!
    You're doing the right thing, get checked out, take care of yourself- you deserve it! Stay safe and healthy- fingers crossed it was just bad hunger pains? All the best xxx

  2. better to be safe. once you get it checked out most likely you can go back to your fast again. i also had really bad tummy pains this morning. i ate some rice cakes and it went away. maybe we have the same sickies and it gets you through the computer. you are not a dissapointment... im pretty sure all us girlies see you as a beautiful inspiration :)

  3. not disappointing at all!! it's so much better to make sure you're healthy than powering on for the sake of maintaining the fast. we would much rather know that you're fine!
    stay strong and yay for the losses xx

  4. You are NOT a dissapointment. It's better for you to get checked out and you can fast whenever you want to after that.
    Take care fo you yeah?

  5. Definitely not a disappointment. Better to take care of yourself!

  6. I can't believe the loss from your measurements! Truly amazing!

  7. Definitley not dissapointed love
    good to get it checked out
    Well done on the loss

  8. you are not a disapointment! It was a wise decision... not a fail at all! It would be a fail if you just gave in. But you didnt. You decided to post pone.

    luv ya girly and hope ur ok!