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Oct 25, 2010

The Fast-thinspo

-I did go to the gym today and worked out for about an hour.
-I hung out with my new bestie today which was awesome, I super love her. She's now a size three!
-Tyler and I are still in love of course!
-I wanted to have a happy post so here it is! I totally binged today and ate too much, so I purged this morning and took a ton of laxies which are now murdering my guts..but oh well..-Tomorrow I'm starting my fast!!! YAY I know I said I'd start today but I had a huge midterm and had to eat, which lead to me binging. But I will do the fast and I will last at least TWO WEEKS. I'm making some rules:

The Radical Rules
  1. The fast must last at least 14 whole days.
  2. The consumption of solid food is prohibited!
  3. I must work out at least twice a week (intensely)
  4. I must do 250 crunchies every day.
  5. I must drink water!
  6. I must focus on staying beautiful by keeping my hair, face, clothes and makeup perfect.
  7. Once the fast has concluded take photos!
  8. Stay positive and focus and everyday focus on a reason that thin is perfection.
  9. When hungry focus on something productive: homework, housework, relationship, finances...
  10. Do not give up at 14 days.. remember it is the minimum! A real champion can go 30 days!
  11. Take before and after measurements!
  12. Post all measurements, routine and weights for your fabulous followers!

So I have a friend of mine who is modeling trying to break into the business big time... and I won't give her name or anything because I didn't ask her permission but I'm using her photos as the thinspo today. She's gorgeous! Embrace her beauty! I love her!. 
So here she is:

 Disclaimer-I do not own this pics, or have any rights to them. I am not using them to make any assumptions of the model herself.


  1. Oh wow, she's stunning!
    Good luck with the fast- take care with the exercise though, stay safe xxx

  2. Sounds like a good plan for the fast! You can do it!! :)
    And your freind is GORGEOUS. Such good thinspo.
    Stay superstrong. <3

  3. Your friend is beautiful!

    Good luck with the 14 day fast. You can do it!!


  4. good luck with the fast!! i know you can do it hun. and your friend is gorgeous! xx

  5. She's beautiful.
    Good luck with it all, gorgeous.

  6. She looks amazing!
    Good luck with your fast

    XoxoX <3