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Oct 26, 2010

Day one of the Starve-a-thon


I like the name... I think I'm gonna copyright it he he he.
Anyways today is day one of my fast and it's going AMAZING!
I woke up, took my diet pill, had coffee with splenda and went to school. 
After Sociology I met up with Lena and we worked out like crazy!

-My Workout-
(I worked out from 11am-2:40pm)
  • Cycle: 8 miles
  • Stretching:10 mins
  •  Ellipticals (cross trainer) 2-3 miles
  • Circuit Training Class- 1hr. Part: kick boxing/boot camp/abs/guts/butts, all cardio!
  • Stretching again: 20 mins
  • Endurance Cycles- 1 hour
  • Abs: 250 military and side crunchies
Meanwhile I drake a powerade zero.
After hanging with Lena and chit chatting I went home. 
Tyler is UBER sick right now so I just fixed him dinner and he's in bed. 
I'm missing my favorite show tonight so that he can watch the game and relax. :)

I need to be thin.
I need to be tiny! 
I will complete this damn fast!


  1. YOU GO GIRL!!! omg thats a long fast! yey for you and stay safe hun!

  2. oh and I LOVE YOU TOO HUN!!!! I ove your comments on my blog and i loooove reading ur blog... wish we lived closer, we could of been really good friends! xoxoxoxox thanks for the birthday wishes too

  3. Good luck with the fast! And awesome workout!!

  4. Woohoo you are so inspiring. Keep going! You can do it, stay strong.
    xx Claude

  5. Haha, love the name of your fast. XD
    and DAMN you worked out like crazy, girl.
    Good job. I'm so inspired!

    Stay Superstrong <3

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