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Nov 6, 2010

Starve-A-Thon resumed..


Thank you everyone for the comments and support. I guess when I look at the first and last photo I can see a difference. But when I look in the mirror I still resemble a walrus or perhaps an elephant. So I went to the doctor and I'm good. My blood work came back "normal" for an anemic. 


-I found out the calcium aides in burning fat so I'm taking calcium supplements with magnesium so that they absorb better.
- The starve-a-thon will resume from a day zero stand point and go for 2 weeks to 4 weeks.
-Tyler told me he will support me 100% in losing weight because it'll make me happy. He's gonna stop bringing junk food in the house, go to the gym more, and he'll stop asking me to eat. But like all good things including sex, drugs, and chocolate there is a catch. If I go below 115 he'll stop me. 
Although 110-100 would be much better I cannot complain...outloud at least.

Workout Regime

-I will be doing 3hour workout sessions twice a week, and a 1 hour workout on the weekend.
-Tuesdays are weight training and Circuit Training class.
-Thursdays are pure cardio and Circuit Training class. 
**On weeks where I hit a plateau I will workout an extra two hours.

So I'mma avoid all food by exstensive: cleaning, homework, doing my hair and nails and sleep.
Love you all and remember my little monsters


  1. Everything sounds great! Good luck <3

  2. Reminds me of my bf, he's ok as long as I'm happy... AND I don't go under 85 (bmi - 16.6 (yeah I'm short xD)), if I go under 85, problems will start :/
    I wanna be be 70.. 65 maybe

  3. You are lucky to have such a supportive bf. Your work out regime is tough. You are so dedicated to the cause *envy* :-)I wish I had half of your determination

  4. That sounds great! You're so lucky to have a bf who will support you through all of this. And now, I'm not promoting lying but you don't have to tell him when you're under 115. Just a little white lie (: I wish I was as restrained as you. Teach me? (:
    Love xx.

  5. wow you're so lucky that tyler is supportive! you can reach 110 if you like just don't tell him haha. when you're 115 say you're 120 :)
    good luck and stay strong x

  6. Wow!! I can't believe what amazing progress you've made, so inspiring! You look awesome. I'm definitely going to start following your blog. I just started mine, check it out if you want :)

  7. I just subscribed to your blog, it's so amazing! I read a lot of your posts last night. Your relationship with Tyler is so amazing, tears started forming in my eyes as I read. He's so supportive. You are so inspiring and show so much control. Keep up the good work!

  8. ur the most lucky that he is being supportive! when i told one of my old ex's that i had an ED (i had to b/c all he did was make joke about my weight...) he asked in all seriousness "is it over eating?"
    i cried :(

    but i know you'll be able to go under that goal if u want without him knowing, but remember its so nice of him to be there for u <3
    (just like we are here for u always!!!!)

    btw i seriously love the word "starve-a-thon" makes it sound more.. fun! :P

    ur amazing inside and out, and truly loved by many <3

  9. Ok so I just read a tonnn of posts from your blog. I’m officially obsessed. Keep posting away!
    Haha XX Sarah

  10. I love love love your blog :)
    I'm pretty obsessed lol.
    Gosh your doctor gave you the results?
    I have to fight my doctor for him to tell me and all he does is request more tests. Grr

  11. omg wow i wish my bf cared that much.... i left him :( im fucking sad... anyways enough about me, i missed you too babe!!! ur so fucking lucky tyler is so supportive! im jealous! :) xoxoxoxo stay safe on ur fast though babe

  12. Good luck, gorgeous!
    The calcium is a great idea.
    <3 <3

  13. eeek, SO glad you can start the Starve-a-Thon again :) best of luck, always! Be strong and courageous xoxo

  14. I love your blog and I am so jealous of you and your relationship with your bf. Your Starve-a-Thon sounds great!! I love reading your blog it's so inspiring!! Good luck with everything!! I can't wait to read some updates!