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Nov 9, 2010

Ribs...not only at Chili's

I'm starving well thank goodness.
I appreciate every single comment I get!
I miss you all.

Tyler held me last night although we were both so tiered and kissed like we were 15 and our parents were in the other room. He held me.. I love his arms and hands they are so big he slipped his fingers into the grooves of my ribs and squeezed. He loves them. Not as much as I love them.

Honestly I am too tierd to report much. After school yesterday I did so many chores..Tyler's brother is coming today to stay for awhile and I've let some things slip so I wanted to be a good gf.
I did the following:
-2 loads of laundry
-Scrubbed the bathroom, tub, toilette, organized
-Sanatized the toothbrushes
-Cleaned the kitchen, dishes, cabinets, over, fridge, organized, mopped swept
-Cleaned the floors
-Washed the walls down, dusted, windows, washed the linens, made the bed.
-Took out the trash, clean all the door handles
-Cooked (from scratch) crab cakes and a white corn aoli sauce for tyler
-Ran to walmart to get groceries and a cot for his brother.
-Bought food for the boys, unloaded the groceries

All on an empty stomach, a full heart and by myself. I put off everything I wanted to do for myself because I knew ty wanted to play ball with his friends so I let him go out. I didnt have to time to do my homework and flunked it..but I still have an A in the class so IDC.  I also bought tyler a gift and he was so happy.
I love seeing him happy.

I'm skipping school today.

I'm tiered. I'm going to stay home, rest, sleep, and take a salon day. I need to pluck my eye brows, treat my hair, do my nails and look good for my man. So no workout today.. Oh yeah and I have super cramps since I'm on my period..FML I might jog tonight if it's not to cold...At least 500 crunchies and I have my weights.... hmmm. Ab workout? possible!

Sorry I'm boring.
I love you all!
Starve starve starve...that's what I'm gonna do.

Oh I'm thinking of adding a tips page..yes or no?


  1. yes to tips page. definitely.


  2. All the stuff you did is counted as a good exercise. It is ok to take a dag off when you have your period as it can be a pain. You deserve a day off.

  3. I wish my ribs showed!

  4. you cleaned so much!!!! lol burnt so many calories! Fuck ur lucky that ur ribs show.... xoxoxoxooxox ur doing so well on ur fast

  5. tips page sounds perfect :P
    btw u and ur bf sound uber cute ... so jealous :P

    -happiness <3

  6. Yes to tips page! (: I love going through those.
    You are such a good girlfriend. I’m not sure I would ever put that much effort into housework for a guy. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in love. That was super nice of you to do for him though. I’m sure he truly appreciates it. I love how you said his hands are so big that they fit in between your ribs. That’s just like a really cool imagery type of thing. Idk. Anyways have fun on your spa day!
    XX Sarah

  7. You're doing great. You can come live with me anytime ;) Love you! stay strong <3

  8. You are doing great :D
    Yes to the apge
    And have a good beauty session :)