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Nov 12, 2010

I stepped on the scale.

I did this for you little monsters.. seriously. All the comments from you girls made me do this.. Like I owed it to you. 

So I stepped on the scale (at night with three cups of tea and a 1/2 sweet potato in me) I watched the little dial increase like slices on my wrist..
___________________________ Slice
________________________ Slice


9.4 lbs to lose. FML!


  1. You're gonna get there. Don't fret.

  2. u can do it!!!!
    ur strong and amazing inside and out!
    u can do anything i believe in ya! :P

    sincerely, happiness <3

  3. Cheer up gorgeous. look how far you have already come. if you had all that tea in you the scale is not going to be accurate. most likely you actually wiegh less than what it said. Love you. xo

  4. that's such a good weight! 10lbs isn't that much you can definitely do it - i believe in you.
    stay strong and chin up lovely xxx

  5. You should weigh in the morning after all pee is out of your body. I would die if I only have 10lbs to my goal weight. You can do it! We know it and it will happen faster than you think!

  6. Do not worry darling, I'm sure that the scales weren't correct as tea reeeeeeeeally fills people up and adds weight so I'm sure you actually weigh less than the scales said.
    Good luck and keep on going.