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Nov 18, 2010

Tips Page/mini post

I know I've been gone for like a week but I've sucked so much that I was ashamed.
I'm posting the tips page today... idk when but I will!!!
I'm starting a fast and I'm gonna do it the right way and ease into it.. I will add a fast page for those who want to know how to do them. I miss you all and plan on catching up on your blogs soon!

-BTW I was at the store last night and saw those pumpkin roll logs with cream cheese frosting and I put them back without buying them! YES! all hail the power of saying fuck you to food!

Today is my three hour workout day so lets go burn so nasty fkn calories!

Love you all.
Think Thin!


  1. i bow to ur excellent will power :P
    good luck with ur work out! u should post wat u do for ur work out :P and im excited for ur tips page!!!!!!!!!!

  2. well done on putting the food back! it takes great will power!
    have a great work out! let us know what you do for the workout :-)
    stay strong

  3. Great will power!! I can't say the food sounded tempting but I am a fussy git lol.

    Take care

  4. wooah, I'm sucker for anything pumpkin, I'm glad those things aren't in a store near me! Love the pic, good luck on your fast!

  5. Take care during your workout!

  6. I've missed your posts. Good job putting those back!! Hope you enjoy your workout. ;)

  7. Missed reading your posts, glad your back. Congrats on the amazing will power!! Have a great work out :)

  8. First time reading your blog. I love your tips, and you remembered oolong tea! It surprises me how many people aren't familiar with it.

  9. 'If it's oreos I'm gonna tell you right now that the answer is no.' - Haha, love it. I also love the tip about stretching for a while after working out, to keep yourself flexible :) xxx

  10. I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your tips page!! It is great!!!