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Feb 17, 2011

She's A Maniac

I have been working out like crazy every single damn day this week. 
Psh...this month actually!
Yesterday I ran four miles, bikes, did abs, and stretching and burned 535 calories I took in 575 calories of non-meat low fat/cal foods. I know a lot of people ask what calories I intake so I'll show you exact what this month has looked like.

Feb 1:    410 calories
Feb 2:    550
Feb 3:    600
Feb 4:    700
Feb 5:    1400 binge
Feb 6:    950  binge
Feb 7:    700
Feb 8:    850
Feb 9:    525
Feb 10:  -735
Feb 11:  860
Feb 12:  400
Feb 13:   1400 binge
Feb 14:   250 
Feb 15:   1800 binge
Feb 16:   550
Average= 891calories. 

^This means that in order to have an 800 calorie average for the month I cannot have any more binges, and in order to get a 600 or 500 calorie average I'm going to have to fast a few days... I know I round all my calories up like 50 cals its still terrible numbers.

-My IRL ana buddy just got fucked over by her man and I wanna kill him,
-I'm ordering my bikini soon
-Some guy offered me a ride yesterday it was hilarious.
-Fitness magazine said that 51% of women would skip sex for a year if it meant they could be skinny! LMAO LOVE IT! I know I would.
-I'm going to the gym again today! Yay!



  1. Your binges are so mild in comparison with mine. I blast into 3-4k horribly easy. So good for you.

    Though I would probably be in that 49%. I can't skip sex. Just... no xD

  2. you so thinspirational!
    I would skip sex if I could be skinny, that year would suck, but it would be so worth it

  3. you're such a trouper hun. you're always doing an amazing job. i'm about to go to the gym but i did a really hard session last night and wasn't feeling very enthusiastic, but hearing that you've been making it happen every day has motivated me and i'm excited to go sweat it out now!
    stay strong xx

  4. Wow you've been doing phenomenal! But I'd like to mention that the title of your post has now blasted my mind with that one line of the song, and it won't go a new post asap would be stellar, but I guess it's a nice change from the weebles wobbles commercial...THAT was rough.

  5. OMG! ur doing amazing! im so glad to hear that ur doing good and are happy!
    <3 i missed u so much!
    i cant wait to get back into blogging and staying updated

    yeah im back for sure now, treatment is stupid and i cant handle it on my own!

    stay strong and happy hunni b/c ur beautiful to me! <3