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Feb 12, 2011

Preparations Of Bikini Season

The time is killing me, nearing. 
The time of which I am talking about it bikini season. I will be ready this year! 
I know for some of you who live in the lower hemisphere you are already warm and soaking up the sun but for me it's slowly melting and beggining to warm up. 

This may is a HUGE anniversary for me. Because in May 2010 I had hit my highest weight and then relapsed into ana. On May 5th I weighed in at 157 lbs.  For you sweeties using the metric system that is 71.2 kg. 
I told myself that I was never going to let myself get that high again and so far I've been very succsesful. 
But...yes the but statement..
I want to have the best anniversary ever on May 15 2011 and step on the scale and let it read 117!
I know my goal weight is less than that but to lose exactly 40 lbs in one year would be the best thing ever!
The last time I stepped on a scale a few months ago it read 124... And I know I've lost weight since then. Tyler say he thinks I'm 119 right now...but I have no clue.

It would a testament to myself that all the starving, purging, grueling workouts was worth it. 
And it would prove to me that my goal weight is possible!

Tiny Thin Talk Time :)
-Today Ty and I went to the gym and I burned 491 calories and had over 10,000 steps.
-I've had strawberries for breakfast, coffee, one rice cake, yogurt light, diet dr pepper and a salmon salad. Totaling of 750 calories (rounded up)
-Net calories of 259.

-It is hard to have an ana buddy because I worry about her. But its also nice to have someone to talk to who doesn't think I should be sent to a mental institution.
-I love the word FASHIONISTA almost as much as I love the word Glitter...
-The pills I take are called Phenphedrine... I only take them on days I work out because they are pretty intense.



  1. woo 40lbs in one year is AMAZING. everyone won't know what hit them when you step out in your swimmers :) stay strong xx

  2. woooow. you are so strong! and lucky, i wish i had a real-life ana bestie!!

  3. I am so envious of you! I would love to try those pills but getting them into the country would be impossible. I would love to drop 20lbs this year if its possible. Please send me some of your motivation!!

  4. I your one year will be amazing, your very thinspirational!!!

  5. That's crazy, 40 in one year?! Good job, pretty lady!!!

    Those fast food calories are terrifying.


  6. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR SITE ! Keep up the good work, girlie.<3