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Feb 6, 2011

A fresh breath of air.

I know sucked at posting and so much has happened. So here's a newsflash section loves!


-Tyler and I are on rocks right now. I found out that he sent out dirty pics of himself to some sluts. I told him I was leaving him. I took out my lipstick and wrote on the mirror "You don't fucking love me! I'm not your bitch, FUCK YOU!" ripped up his favorite pic of us and left the bracelet he gave me and hopped on a plane. I came back though,We are together. kind of. I told that I love him even though he doesn't deserve it and that I will not believe him when he says he loves me. He's trying everyday for the past three weeks to be great but my heart is broken fine.

-I almost have a super sexy 4 pack abs! Too bad its covered with a blanket of chub. FML
-I've had my first public restroom binge/purge...
-I ordered some high waisted vintage denim shorts from australia ;)
-I have a new Thinspo Journal!
-My spring break is one Month away and I will be 115 by then. <800 cals a day!

Thin Talk

Okay so I've binge/purged too much, worked out too much, too many diet pills and too many laxatives. But fuck the world because they are working. Lmao. SO there is this AMAZING girl in some of my classes: I don't know her name, my ana friend and I hate her/love her. 
We call her: the goddess.
She is size 00. Big brown eyes. Always is with a water bottle and coffee. Tons of eye makeup. I love her. You can see every little bone. She is cute! I wanna shake her and scream "TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!" I wish I could put her in my pocket. She cannot weigh more that 85 lbs.. 

Thinspo for My Little monsters!


  1. Yay you're back! missed your blog :)
    That girl sounds awesome and omg I want those shoes!
    Look after yourself xxx

  2. Sorry to hear abt you and Tyler. The only thing I can say that it is life and it is damn hard sometimes. Just hang in there.

    Wished I was good at weight loss. If there is a gaining competition, I would win hands down!

  3. yaay so good to hear from you again!! i'm sorry about tyler :( that must have been unimaginably hard to take. i really hope things work out.
    tell us more about your progress too! i'm sure you're doing amazingly

  4. Tyler doesn't deserve you, you should dump his ass. I've missed you! You should make friends with the girl in your class, I love having skinny friends =)

  5. sounds like your feb is going as good as any month with and eating disorder can get

  6. I'm sorry things have been so rough for you, and I hope you always remember that you deserve someone who will cherish you and only you forever. But congrats on weight loss!!!!! I hope things get better for you, and I will make sure I follow your blog more closely now that I've gotten out of my mini slump.

  7. i hope things improve soon, hun.
    and purging in public toilets are "£$£%^%&^. i hope you're ok.
    please be careful. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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