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Feb 10, 2011

A Great Glittery Day

So as some of you might know I have a real life ana bestie...She's beyond amazing. We decieded last night that we would destroy today. She picked me up at 10am and we headed to the gym and I challenged her:

Her: So what are we doing today? Abs and Cardio?
Me: I think cardio because I feel fat (even though I didn't eat yesterday..)
Her: Same.
Me: Let's do 1 Hour straight cycling. 
Her: (she looks at me quizzically) Seriously? I love you.
Me: I love you too. Let's do it.
And guess the fuck what!? We did! 
One straight hour as hard as we could on the bike. 
I biked over 15 miles and burned 610 calories.

After I went to a conference with my teacher who I despise. Turns out I aced my essay!
(which I bullshitted)
Then I met *Lena* at the salon across the street and we went tanning. Then walked back to the gym for a second dose. 
- Elliptical, Hip inducters, Abs, abs and abs, stretch, squats. 
- Went grocery shopping for new low cal food.

So I've consumed 230 calories of fruit today and ended up burning 1000+ cals. 
My pretty little pedometer reads 18,000 steps. 
-Thank you all for the comments! I've left some comments for you girlies and have been reading your blogs religiously! And I'll be careful thanks for the concern. And I know I shouldn't let someone treat me like crap I'm just one of those hopeless romantics. And I know he's trying.
-I need to piss...
-So I'm not eating till dinner tomorrow which will be salmon...
-I'm gonna try and stay under 600 a day like I have for this past week. 
Not gonna lie I'm pretty proud of myself. 
I couldn't have done it without my little red pill of death.

Well I'm heading off.. I got to do more laundry and abs :) 
Smooches monsters! Stay Strong!



  1. Juuust out of curiosity, what diet pill do you take? I just took my last one a few days ago (sad because they're expensive) and need to restock...

    And congrats on all your exercising! I need to do that but am always studying nonstop, and when I do have time I'm home and snuggled in my heated blanket because it's so fucking freezing outside! You're post motivates me though...maybe I'll actually work out tmr...

  2. I missed you, lovieee!!

    I'm sorry to hear about you and your boo. I hope things work out or that you find someone to treat you better.
    I need to get back on track, but you're doing AMAZINGly. Super jealous here ;)
    Keep up the great work. <3ya

  3. Whoa, that's awesome calorie burning gym time! You're doing SO well :D

  4. oh my god, I am soooo jealous of you and your ana buddy! I so need a workout buddy at least, its so much easier when you have someone pushing you, or at least with you! You've done sooo awesome!

  5. oh god you're so impressive!! you're doing so so well keep it up gorgeous xx

  6. Oh man oh man oh man how I've missed you!!

    I can't believe you burned so many calories! You're doing so well lovey.
    Love Anafly

  7. enjoy your salmon ;]
    I don't think I could cope with knowing someone else with an eating disorder- well, being close with them.

    take care beautiful.
    don't work your body too hard! be safe, xxxx

  8. I wish I had someone to work out with. Make sure to keep hydrated while you're doing those awesome workouts!


  9. ill try to be 120lb by the june. lets try our best hun!