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Mar 1, 2011

I''l be fine once I get it.

I'm on the pursuit of happiness and
I know everything that shine
aint always gonna be gold.
I'll be fine once I get it...I'll be good.

Quick Update:
-Because of my mother I'm going to first session is in a hour.
-I've kept it under 800 cals! yay
-I'm still having huge troubles trusting tyler.
-I lost my real life ana buddy. We split apart because of others just like Wintergirls.
-I'm a liar. I lie to everyone.. I told my mom I'm eating again.
- I sprained my foot running..then continued to run on it because I know I'm fat.

The quote on the top is from the Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi. It's my favorite song of the decade probably... I have it on repeat all day...Its how I feel about being skinny and thin..I'll be fine once I get it. today is national pancake day and IHOP gives free pancakes... I FUCKING LOVE pancakes...but I'm not going... I'm having rice cakes, tea, coffee, and sweet potatoe today. Thats it. That all I deserve.

-Swim season is approaching.
-I have no clue why I'm so depressed all the time..Prolly because *Lena* left me. Now I have no friends. Which is okay I guess. I'm just living my life. I miss drugs and alcohol.
Fuck everyone pretty much.

According to I will be 112 by May 7th. So I will meet my 40lb mark...

Do you ever feel like you are the only person awake in the room?

I do.


  1. =( I hope you feel better soon

  2. i hope counseling works out! It definetly helps me.

  3. I love that song, I just finished downloading it

  4. I hope you feel ok soon. Trusting someone else is very hard especially after a betrayal. Lets just say you are not alone with that problem. I too know too well how it feels like feeling fat all the time. I wish people would stop saying that I am slim. I am fat cant they see it?

  5. i ve also been to canselings..-.- it was a bit horrible,i had to tell everything i had inside me to a disgusting old lady that treated me like i was a pshyco xD so wish you good luck (wish you have a better counselor(sorry for my english they are a bit out of order :/ wish to hear from you soon ^^

  6. aw i'm sorry about counselling and losing your ana buddy. don't worry you have 114 ana buddies cheering you on. stay strong and keep up with that losertown progress prediction!!

  7. You should really give counseling a go. I have to go every week because of what ana did to my sister. I still hate knowing that she's never coming back. If my parents noticed her eating disorder then they would have gotten her help sooner but the didn't notice until she was in hospital with only a few days to live. So yeah please stick counseling out and try to get a better weight try to be a healthy weight instead of underweight..