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Aug 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to me...

It's my birthday today. 
I'm 19. I'm actually really say that its my birthday because I love being young and nearing my 20's is scary to me. So last night Tyler and I had a great evening celebrating the last night as being 18.
I lost two more pounds :) Which is great but I'm not gonna get to excited because Tyler is taking me to dinner and a Movie tonight which means I have to eat. So I'm not weighing myself again until the 10th. This morning Tyler had to leave for work, but he only has to be there for a little bit. After he left I got a knock on the door and there was a delivery man with a bouquet of flowers! They were from Tyler :) they had a card that said "I love you, Happy Birthday Beautiful, p.s- You're a knockout!" 

Just so you know I've always thought being called a knockout is the best compliment.


  1. Happy birthday, pretty lady!! 19 was actually my best year so far - not an exciting year in general, but I think I had the most fun and was the happiest that year. I hope this year is just as awesome for you!!

  2. Happy birthday hun!
    I'm scared to turn 19 too, my b-day's in 5 months. :\
    Good luck with dinner. You should enjoy it, and ignore Ana for tonight. After all, you can always burn it off tonight ;)

  3. Happy Birthday gorgeous!!
    And is that really you in your display picture? You're absolutely beautiful! <3