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Aug 3, 2010


So I woke up today really early. I usually wake up at 4am to kiss Tyler goodbye as he leaves for work, then roll back over and go to sleep. But this time I stayed up I binged down a breakfast prolly 400calories and It felt gross so I spent the morning shoving my toothbrush down my throat and purging. After I got absolutely everything out I drank tea, took my multivitamin, and Lida. I spent the rest of the day cleaning. 
When I say cleaning I mean this place is sexier than Brad Pitt's abs. 

 So since this is my happy post I'll start by saying I'm proud of myself for keeping my calories low! I'm super excited for college! You might not know it, but I'm that weird girl who loves going to school everyday! And thank you everyone for supporting me.. That breakdown was intense... Tyler is my angel though. I love him so much! We've been together 7months and he still gives me butterflies, and we still are just crazy in love 24/7. I love him I love him I love him! He's got big green eyes, big soft hands, and long muscular arms, the cutest patch of hair under his belly button, the softest pink lips, and a Tennessee tan. :)
Today I've eaten:
One rice cake-50als
20 Frozen grapes
One diet coke
And for dinner I'll either have a can of tuna, or a rice cake, or some mushrooms..
Anyways I'll keep it under 200 calories.
Ava-rose- I'm studying Nursing, how about you? :)
Winter-Girl-Tyler is the man I left my husband for and I don't regret it for a second!
Sarah- I live in Virginia :)


  1. studying performing arts- acting, singing, dancing, film, theatre, etc etc!!!
    "Sexier than Brad Pitt's abs.." mmmmm that's sexy haha

  2. Lmao I'd would have to see the place to deam it 'sexier than Brad Pitt's abs'. They are probably the sexiest thing I will ever see.
    I'm that weird girl too ;) I swear there aren't enough of us.