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Dec 31, 2010

Fasting Video Blog #3

Day three is nearly over!!! The video is here! Enjoy! Leave a comment on fasting questions and tell me what your New Years resolution is?!  I wanna know! Okey dokey Love and glitter ;) XOXOXO
-thanks for the compliments!

I wish you all the best in 2011. I know for those trying to recover you can do it, and for those striving for thin that 2011 is the year :) Be safe tonight and always little monsters. 

p.s-I'll see you next year bitches xoxoxo!!!!


  1. Woo, I will watch your video now :) Happy new year! I don't really have a new years resolution, I'll only fail it :/ haha, I am so positive xxx

  2. Wow, it is so strange seeing you in real-life, well not real-life, but video life ;) I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to add another compliment; You are even prettier than in your photo!

    That personalised bottle is so sweet :) I guess I never want to get to my highest weight ever again too, that can be my resolution, because I am at that weight now :( xxx

  3. Okay, I have just realised that I missed the first few videos! - I will go back and recap ;)

    Sorry for all these separate posts, I am used to having an 'edit' button when I reply on forums (as you know I am pretty new to blogger) so that I can go back and alter everything I said! x

  4. i really wanna read unbearable lightness! does she focus a lot on her anorexia? coz that's the bit i'm most interested in.
    you're so strong for sitting and watching tyler and his buds eating ugh i almost certainly would have caved. stay strong and happy new year hun xx

  5. Good morning, Glitter Girl! (11:10am here)

    Happy 2011! Great vlog, you look hot in black! My resolutions can be found here:

    And because you you're so cute and you love glitter, this is for you! :

    All the best! XXX

  6. Happy New Year!!

    My new year resolution is to lose 8kg in 12 months. That is not too difficult.

    The bottle gift is so precious. Enjoy it while you still get presents. :-)

  7. Happy New Year!
    I have no idea how people eat without thinking about it either. I wish I could do that too...
    Anyways, my resolution is to be at least 99 pounds by this time next year. :D
    Happy 2011 <3