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Jan 1, 2011

Fasting Video Blog #4

DAY FOUR! OMG thank all of you for the support, for those who left Q's in day 3's blog i addressed them in the video. Also check out my new pages! You wont be wasting time they are worth reading. :) So here it is beauties! Happy NEW YEARS! 2011 is gonna be strong and sexy thin :) xoxox

Love you all! Details will be going on the fasting page on the top! READ the how I feel about food page its amazing :)


  1. you're doing so so great! you sound so positive and you're looking radiant as well :) good luck getting around day 5. have you weighed yourself since you started? how much have you lost?
    stay strong beautiful!! xx
    p.s. loved the extra pages

  2. I use the Loreal face stuff too :D
    When are you going to weigh yourself??
    I love this video blog<3

  3. You are so pretty, I haven't had a chance to watch the vids as I am always at work or with my bf, I really wanna know how your doing so I'll try and watch tonight xxx

  4. Doing great, Glitter Girl! So proud of you. XXX.

  5. I'm all caught up! You're so adorable! :)

    Congratulations on getting so far. It's only good things from here. Good luck! <3