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Dec 30, 2010

Fasting Video Blog #2

Okay its day two... It went well I want tomorrow to be pure 0 cal drinks! I must have had 500 cals in liquids today! NO NO NO. Well here's the video I have some shout outs for you girls ;) Love ya stay strong!

Some new pics of me ;)


  1. Hey cutie pie!

    Looking good today! I love what you're wearing, that little blue cloche hat is too darling!

    So inspired by you that I'm pulling a breakfast only week next week. I dream about fasting entirely, but my metabolism is in the toilet! I figure a breakfast drowned in hot sauce, kelp and green tea caps should set me up for the day plus water, water, water! So bored with eating!

    Very envious of all the awesome drinks that we don't have in this country! I binged on sugar free drinks last week. It made me feel really weird, moreso than usual! I think I'm allergic to certain artificial sweetners. god hates me. Bastard!

    Keep up the good work. You're doing great!

    Lovely pics of you, pretty girl. Your skin is so golden and radiant. No fair. I love! XXX

  2. omggggggggg u r looking sooooooo pretty! u look fantastic babe!!! keep up the good work... **jealous!!**

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox love u heappppppps girl ... sorry i dont comment as often as u do for me... ive been a bit down and out... xoxoxox but dont foget that im here and always reading! luv ya girl!!!

  3. You looking damn good girl. You are so pretty, I love you hat :D
    Good luck the next days with your fast.

  4. You are just gorgeous!! I hope lots of people tell you that. Good luck with your fast.

    May 2011 be a good year for you!


  5. Omg! You're so beautiful! I'm stunned:D
    Love your hat and your pics
    Good luck with your fast!
    And Happy New Years