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Jan 2, 2011

Vlog-Fast day 5


Omg I made it to day five! without one nibble of food! Muahahaha YAY It was a terrible day because I got my period but I lost an inch off my tummy! Tomorrow starts the 100% fast where its pure zero calories for ten days! I'm 1/3 of the way through this girlies! I need more suppor than ever!!



  1. So the hard part is over with. I'm so proud of you for making it this far. I hope you stay safe and eat when it's really necessary. Our gym teacher used to tell us exercise helped menstrual cramps. I don't get them so I could tell you if it were true or not. Anyway, stay safe darling! <3

  2. hey hun. about your concerns for fasting on your period. i began my fast on the 26th of last month, and unfortunately got my period on 28th. i've continued and i felt/feel fine, i've fasted several times before and it feels no different. though that's just me. good luck on the rest of your fast :)

  3. woo thats fantastic. be careful on the next 10 days, dont want you to be too weak to blog :P
    mucho love. xo

  4. hello sweety,
    it was so lovely to come back to your sweet comments and something interesting to catch up on.
    i'm so super proud of you. fasting is the best. sometimes i find it difficult to stick ot fasting but sometimes my mind sticks to it. how do you get your mind to stay strong? third of the way, nearly half way.
    i adore you

  5. You're fantastic! The hard part is over and the rest should go swimmingly :P.
    <3 :D

  6. good work so far!! i can't believe you've gone so long already - you've got a steely willpower girl. stay strong xx

  7. I was sitting here thinking how shit I am when I thought about how much I wanted to watch your vids, so I crawled out of bed, got my laptop, turned it on, opened a browser and came here and watched them, thank you for doing this, I need inspiration and your providing it. Your doing really well, don't give up

  8. WOW!!! You're doing so well, such an inspiration! I love your beautiful curls! Stay strong, <3 XXX.

  9. wow you're doing so well! i envy your will power so much haha :) oh and your beautiful, by the way. stay strong, lovely x

  10. You have really inspired me, girl. Truly. You are doing so great.
    I've started my five days fast today, and then i start a 7 days diet.. Hope I can do it soo good as you.
    You have a wonderful smile.You making me smilie with it.
    Stay strong hun' <3

  11. Good luck on your fast girlie. Be careful though yeah?
    I'm starting a fast in the morning since I have to go on out for a while tonight.
    Take care.

  12. Did you know that is actually easier to lose weight when you are on your period? Even though you gain all that water weight, your body is still losing. Once the period is over, you'll see results :) It works for me, especially when I'm stuck on a plateau.

  13. You are so awesome, I will definetely start a five day fast sometime soon. <3 just letting you know I'm still here & thinking you're freaking amazing.

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  15. ♥ all the pics =)

  16. I hope you got through the rest of day 5 okay. Your doing so great, just stay strong!! ♥

  17. im starting a five day tomorrow:) i hope i do as well as you!