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Jan 5, 2011

Vlog-Fast day 8 & Recap of 6-7

Hey Girls! My computer was down on the day of the fast day 6, and day 7 I was really sick but here's the day 8 video for today! Thank you all so much for the comments! I am replying on the bottom of the video and adding more wonderful thinspo!

Replies to my little monsters- Good luck to camilla, thin is beauty, kristina, and starving artist for your fasts and thank you so much for the support! RubyLB- I really try to avoid food, stay out of the kitchen and tell myself the truth..if I eat I'll want more and most likely binge and get fat. I really try to focus on meeting my goal instead of my lack of food. Trinity- Thank you so much for that bit of info! it def helps in keeping my spirits up!



  1. Hey Girl.
    Sorry to hear about you being sick and had to eat, but it's good you are back on track again.
    I was worried about you, so hun' please take care. If you feel bad again, then drink something that gets your blood sugar up, instead of only water.
    Good luck <3

  2. yaaay i was wondering where you were!!
    dw at all about the salad - it was definitely the right move if you felt like you were about to keel over. and after spending 2.5 hours at the gym i'm sure you got rid of it! keep up the amazing work and stay strong xx

  3. good luck for the rest of your fast, sorry to hear you were sick. i was planning on having a salads when i break my fast, but maybe a little fruit and vegetables would be best. you're looking well btw

  4. Feel better soon and keep up the good work. <3.

  5. don't worry about the salad

  6. I'm glad you feel better! I'm sure you worked all of that salad off at the gym.
    Good luck :D

  7. hi there sunshine... hope you feel better soon. still no sound on my computer :(
    ima watch these all later when i steal my sisters laptop and take it to where my internet stick can get real reception. stupid living in country australia. anyhoo im sure you are doing great. xo

  8. i hope you're still doing well on your fast! you were right...the tabs at the top are worth going through. i really liked them all, very informative and helpful...great thinspo for sure. i truly enjoyed your rules, goals and prizes. you seem quite fun!

  9. this is the first vlog of you i've watched, you're so beautiful! and your accent is so lovely. and i'm so amazed at your fasting ability. off to read your 'tips' tab (:
    xxx v

  10. Where did you go?? We miss you! And I'm so curious of how you're doing on your fast. Hope all is well. Skinny love ♥

  11. omg ur doing so well babe! ur thinspo for me xoxox

  12. Hello

    I used to be bulimic and it was helllll. I remember waking up and hating myself every single day. I agree with some point -- there is something seriously wrong with the way people eat now a days. A lot of the food has lot sof chemicals, fats, and really we aren't supposed to be eating it.

    BUT.. there is a way that you can eat as much as you want and be healthy thin & strong. Fruit!! You can eat as much fruit as you want and it will only make u healthier!

    AND also bikram yoga.. try it!