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Sep 7, 2010

Thin Time!

I am thinspiried! Thank you all for the comments! I've decieded something.. I can either be depressed about my ED and beat myself up daily or... I can beat myself up daily but be optimistic about being healthy and being proud that I'll meet my goals. You guys would be so proud of me today. This is what happened.
Woke-up late.... Fuckkkkk my life ( Diet Pill & Multi-Vitamin)
Got to school and went to Sociology (no Homework)
Walked to the Coffee shop and had a skinny soy iced latte ( I only drank like half!) 
Had blueberry muffin..well most of it. 
Walked to the University Gym ( like .5 miles away)
Did Circuit Training class for an hour! ( It's like the Insanity Workout)
Used Ellipticals for 20 mins, Jogged for 10mins, Cycled, and then did strength training.
Walked to the bus stop, then after I got dropped off I walked home... 
So literally I walked around like 3miles!  
(Tonight I'm having an most of an apple, a diet dr. pepper, and maybe a rice cake. So 450-600ish (IDK) today in calories...that's without subtracting the calories that I burned! Yay! I'm probably going to start my period soon so i'm gonna bloat like a fuckin marshmallow in the microwave.. Grr.)

 Tyler and I had a breakdown last night as a couple but we came together again at the end. The fight was over a few things.. He has a friend that's a chick and I cannot stand it! They used to hang out a lot till I told him I was uncomfortable with it, but now they have a training class for work together which means he'll ride with her to and from work everyday for a month. I know he wouldn't cheat on me, but I know she totally wants his nuts. True she has a bf, but that really doesn't mean shit to me. He says he isn't attracted to her like that which I can believe..she has a cute face, but her body is not as good as mine, she's foul mouthed, has tons of piercings (hates piercings), blonde (hates blondes), and she chew tabacco (which he thinks is foul) 

So I'm not too worried but I swear to God if she so much as lays one finger on him I'll beat the living shit out of her!


  1. you did so well with your eating and all your working out! And fuck that gril! Id kill her and my man! Im so jealous and my mans the same so we have a good agreement about situations like that lol xoxoxox stay strong babe and keep up the working out and walking yeyyyyyy well done babe **big hugggssss**

  2. Yay for your exercise! Oh, how the simple things add up :] LOL a marshmallow in the microwave! I have never tried that HAHAHA

    And yes: BEAT HER ASS!!
    stay strong <3

  3. yay bash the bitch!!
    so proud of you!!you little gym bunny!!!
    and yaya for not beating yourself up anymore!!

  4. Girls are fuckwits.
    Make sure being jealous or aggressive about this doesn't put more stress on your relationship though.
    Even if it seems as though she wants your b.f, it'll just cause more hassle worrying about what a petty, tobacco chewing hussler she is.
    Just laugh at her.. don't get yourself in trouble, love.. she wont be worth it in the end if it hurts your relationship.

  5. Haha, a marshmellow in a microwave! I love it!
    That girl needs to be taught a lesson, but karma will give it to her, not you! You're better off just laughing at her and waiting. :)

  6. Whoa, I totally am relating with the whole my boyfriends best friend is this chick I can't stand. One time I bluntly said, "Babe it's me or her because this is causing me too much worry and anguish." So, he cut ties off with her - sucks we broke up 7 months later and their friendship was never back, but hey it made those seven months more enjoyable.

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