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Sep 11, 2010

Sex & Sequins

-Just for your information it's 4am for me right now, I only got two hours sleep last night so I'm tired and if I fuck up spelling and I don't make sense sorry!-
I just finished reading everyone's comments and blogs. Thanks for the comments, and sorry if I leave you a comment that makes the bible look like an easy read. LMAO

-To answer the question of my weight and goal weight I'll lay out my stats for you:
                                          -  (5'7'' or 67cm) -
      -My Highest Weight EVER158 pounds in April 2010 (yep...this April)
      -My Lowest Weight EVER (at this same height)128 pounds May 30th 2010 (-30lbs in one month)
      -My Current Weight: 136.3 pounds
      -My Goal Weight: 115.0 pounds
-Measurements: (I think...) 38D(chest), 26.3(waist), 41.2(ass/hips)  the hourglass of fat ugh.
 So... I really want to be in the 'Hundred-teen' numbers again. I will be!
-September 10th-
Activities: Decieded to wear my new sequin flats to school, so I walked to the stop wear I catch the city bus (like 6 blocks away) and when I got to the stop there was a crazy black hobo screaming across the street at some guy and my bus just decieded NOT to stop. So I ran with a fkn heavy backpack, in new unbroken shoes four blocks and wheezed onto the bus. Got to Univ and I NEEDED a coffee, so I ran to the starbies on campus where the line was a nightmare so I ran to class (late) then realized I needed to pee. :/ After that things were great. Tons of walking and running!
Food: Skinny Soy Small Vanilla Ice Latte, Oatmeal, rice cakes (x2), Skinny Latte (again), Pretzle M&M's. Totalling around : (I always round up like 50cals) 675 calories! fuuuuck

*Monster Mash*

I went shopping today and bought Winterirls! FINALLY!
Also went to Victoria Secret to get panties! yay and pretty much every store in the mall...just browsing mostly.
Tomorrow (actually today) is a big shopping day so I'mma get some rest.
I love you all! xoxoxoxo


  1. hahaha we love little monsters ;) Since the only action I get currently is....from something battery operated hahah I will now live vicariously through you hahahahaha jealous
    I am the hourglass of fat also :P
    tell us what u think of wintergirls!!!!!
    and ps- how the eff did you lose 30 pounds in one month!!!!

  2. Did you loose 30 lbs in 1 month :O:O???
    How did you do this :O

  3. LOL! Gah! You're awesome <3 You have me smiling like a crazy XD
    You go girl! You can do it!


  4. that isnt too many cals babe! You can fix it tomorrow.... its always a new day... no point getting upset... i always do too..... u have been doing so much working out lately too babe CONGRATS!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoox keep it up your doing great!

  5. Haha, you're seriously a babe!
    Sounds like a super crazy day at school! No exercise required with a day like that.