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Sep 15, 2010

JSYK- Just so you know

I know it's been four long days since I've posted but it's because school is been wearing me down!

Diet update:
Kept under 750 cals everyday
Went Tanning yesterday:)
Walked three miles yesterday, and a shit ton on the previous days!
NO binge/no purges..
I started my period so i'll a watery whale... ugh.
Life Update:
I'm finally making friends! yay! No Ana's or Mia's except that girl in my Chem class...But that is still up to questioning... hehehe
Tyler is AMAZING!
I'm almost broke again :( But I still have enough money for clothes!!! yay
I saw my ex... awkward.

Today is my "I love my boyfriend so fucking much!" day
I made him a pie, and gonna make him dinner,-going to get our tattoo's touched up, taking him to get new clothes, kiss on him, rub his feet, and make him feel like a king!

I gotta go! I'll update with responses and juicy shit later! Love you! Miss you little monsters! rawr


  1. hey girl sounds like your going amazingly! keep it up xx

  2. Woohoo! Love life, girl. You deserve it <3

  3. Awww, the boyfriend stuff is sooo cute!!!
    Haha, but seriously, I'm glad that you sound so happy!