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Sep 18, 2010

Actually Worth Reading

I'm back! 
I read and commented on everyone's blog! And I'm so happy that all of you are meeting goals, and being lovely! BTW- If you read my blog and I'm not commenting on yours or reading it let me know because it means I haven't subscribed! And I think it's important to be full circle. :)
So here's snack for everyone to munch on about my life:
(om nom nom nom)
-I had a good week: it was really bad, then good again.
-I officially have dropped two pant sizes this year! 
- On 'I love my fucking bf day' Tyler blew me away (like always!) I took him shopping and he was really hesitant (he doesn't think he has good style/or think he's sexy,which he excels in both areas!) But with a big push from me he wandered into the men's departments and picked out some clothes, and new shoes. When we got home he gave me a private fashion show (he he he) Anyways he showed me his outfits and they were AMAZING! I mean he NEVER watches/reads anything about fashion. (The most fashion input he gets is from me and America's Next Top Model, he actually loves the show ) But yeah! He's a fashion prodigy! I knew he had great style when he had a confidence boost last Christmas and ventured into his closet and created a great outfit, but he was never encouraged by anyone to show his individuality till we got together. He's fashion talented! 
*OMG I'm so lucky!*
-The outfit looked so great that I didn't know whether or not to take off the sexy outfit or just get turned on by his new swag garb.. 

-I've been working out as much as I could (I was on my period grr)
-Calories under 500 cals.
-Just started tanning again! Not gonna make my september 21st deadline for gw1, but oh well..I WILL GET THERE!
-I'm noticitng that I'm getting skinnier, my arms are starting be be less like branches and more like twigs ;) and my tummy is more yummy than yucky!
I'm excited for winter..Ooo speaking of which I finished WinterGirls! OMG It was AMAZING! It was thinspo for me. I didn't want to set it down! Anyways girls I've had 200calories so far and it's nealy 2pm... Tyler is gonna go tanning with me ;) 
 p.s-Ooo I have a good question for ya! 
-Have you ever had a dream that your bf/gf cheated on you in a dream while you slept next to them? ( I did and I woke up crying, Tyler was comforting me all night)


  1. I just found your blog, love it! Check mine out at
    And for my cheating boyfriend story, read my last few posts :P

  2. Yay! You sound happy and that's great! :) That's never happened to me, no.

  3. I do have dreams like that all the time...Maybe because he did once... Love you!!! Oh! BTW! Have u noticed that PT and Lida Girls got crap? I mean proper crap, what r we gonna do now?! There is no support for us any more...:(

  4. i love your relationship with tyler - sounds so cute and perfect. yay for feeling skinnier! i'm jealous xxx

  5. I'm so glad your back, I missed you!

  6. have had a dream like that but not while i was next to them. that would be scary. ive been following you for a few days not sure if you are following me yet. if not say hi. xo

  7. Sounds like you had a great week! You're lucky you've got a guy who will let you help him dress himself. So many boys are impossible when it comes to fashion!
    I'm with you on winter excitement. I LOVE winter!!! So much nicer clothes. :)

    Hope you have an awesome week, sweetie! xXx

  8. Hee sweety :)
    Thank you for your comment :)
    She didnt really confronted me about my scedule, she only gave me a weird look ;)

    Hmm.. never had a dream like that..

    Your doing a good job on your diet, staying under 500 wauw! :)

    LOVE, anna

  9. sounds like everythings falling into place for you! Thats so fantastic! Im so happy for you babe...You always comment on my blog and i love you for it! Its so great that you take the time to follow and comment on so many blogs! Trust me it means alot to everyone... xoxoxoxox take care and stay safe gorgeous