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Sep 8, 2010

Boots and Boys

Isla-Sorry about your breakup (his loss!) But i'm glad you know how the whole jealousy think feels... Ooo it's infuriating!
Sarah- Karma will get her...and if she just so happens to touch him in the process then Karma is going to come in the form of my foot up her ass. Lmao
Gem-Ugh! You're so right! Complaining about her just creates the "don't you trust me?" argument..She's not worth it! Thanks 
Ava- Hahaha We think alike! (evil laugh)
Lost in Space- You should try it, but be careful it gets huge and sticky! p.s- did you get ur name from the song?
Billie Jean- Is not my lover! Sorry I had to do that! Thanks girly! I wouldn't kill Ty if he cheated on me but I'd get revenge one way or another.
So today wasn't the greatest food day, or exercise day to be honest.
I've had about 600-700 Calories! (sorry! I'll explain!)
Oatmeal for the morning. Rice cake and half an apple for lunch,
Got home and had a 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese and half a rice cake..
Then I had a poptart....The culprit of instant pastries! 
I walked a shit ton, and up all the stairs possible (no gym today, but super gym tomorrow!)
-I wouldn't have had the poptart or AKA 400 calories! had the following situation not happened:
I got home early so I could clean the apartment extra special for Tyler, but he didn't get home till 4pm, with bags from lunch and he handed me a box. It was sushi, just for me! But who did he get sushi with at lunch time? Guess... (to be fair all his co-workers were there but...) Well that made me sad so I ate a pop tart to make me happier, which it only makes me sad cause now I want to purge but he's here and I know he missed me all day. 
He is great and I'm a whale!
 This is what my tummy and thighs look like for now..well this was a while ago about so 5lbs heavier that I am now..  I want them to be like 3inches smaller and my waist also three inches smaller.. If I lose another 15-20 pounds I'll be fkn ESTATIC! (don't you love those boots!) 
I have a long way to go, but I'm gonna get there!

On a positive note I had a fuckin RAD hair today. It was a beautiful mess. 


  1. they are amazing boots!!!! To be honest you look like a total babe!!!! You look toned and hot!!!

    And 600 to 700 is totally not that bad!!!!! It's good for u to change ur calorie content up and down anyways!!!

    Hot mess Kesha hair?? ha

  2. LOL for sure! I love marshmallows! Song..? I don't know a song called "Lost In Space". My dad told me it was the first TV show he ever watched in like the 60s LOL.
    ARG! Poptarts! I used to love those HAHAHA!
    And you look great! :] hair is always a mess, but not a beautiful one. I love wigs anyway.

    Stay strong! <3

  3. you look like a hottie! and poptarts are amazing...the devil, but amazing xx

  4. Oh my God. The comment you just left me was HILARIOUS!!! Made me smile so much. :) Thank you!
    Haha, and then the reply to the comment I left you made me smile again! You're brilliant.
    Point is, you look totally hot. I loveeee the boots. <3 <3 <3

  5. Ugh yes, poptarts are EVIL. I can't even look at them when I'm in the cereal aisle - it's too tempting. The s'mores one is so good. And wtf with like 400 cals a pop tart?!?!

    Nice boots! You look hot!

  6. omggggggg you are my new thinspo!!!!! stunning babe!