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Sep 5, 2010

If Cosmo is the Bible then I'm a disciple.

I love you girls!
I feel like you guys really care and support me! YAY!
And because you guys are so fucking RAD your prayers and wishes worked their little monster magic!
My Dad is stable for now, and Tyler and I have had the best last couple of days! 
This right here is exactly what we are like 99% of the time! This morning he rolled on me and told me he's not moving off me... I asked why, and he said he has to make sure I don't go away. Aw Then he kisses the crap out of me and exchange 
"I love you's" and he always gets this blown away look on his face and says how happy he is. I love him so much.
-Oh and welcome new followers! And thank v. for the comment! Thank all of you for them comments, big girl hugs!
-So I've been a big fat whale lately... Some of it was planned and some was pure laziness...
I mean "Kirsty Alley's work-out" kind of lazy.. so yea. PRETTY FUCKING LAZY
I haven't purged in like a month...but I haven't binged in like a month either.. I've been taking diet pills everyday but I think my metabolism hit a plateau since I was eating under 500cals a day so this weekend I thought "I'll eat everything!" to boost it.. So starting Monday I'm starving again. :) I need pressure and support guys!  
I mean "Kirsty Alley's chair" kind of support... so yea.. LOTS OF FKN SUPPORT!
(haha I'm such a bitch.)

Anywhoozle I mean it girls! whoop me into shape. what are some good rules?
Wait! I've got it! A challenge! You girls help me make a list for my next post, of rules and I'll promise to stick to this and get to 120 pounds by the 25st of this month! I'm pretty sure that I'm 136 right now... So that's 16 pounds in less that 3 weeks! And I'll promise to take a before and after body shot! You girls in?!

P.S- You have to look up the song "Fuck You" by Cee Lo Green 
          It's hilarious. I'm in love with it! hehehe
I love you guys!!!!!! xoxoxoxox


  1. That's great that your dad is stable :)

    Aw, that picture makes me so sad, I wish I could have that, but I am so happy that you have such a wonderful boyfriend.

    I'm not sure what to suggest for the challenge, but I'll have a think. Have you tried Zumba? It's meant to be a great exercise. I have booked to go to a class next week so that should be fun.

    Also, I am quite mezmorized by the fish on the right hand side of your page, I keep playing with them and wasting time, i must keep away from them ;)


  2. ha i've never seen those fish till Alba pointed them out - they're so much fun :-) i'm glad you and tyler are so all sounds so romantic!! x

  3. So happy to hear about you and Tyler. It put a huge smile on my face reading about you two!


  4. Horrah! The power of wishful thinking :)

    As for rules...I don't know. I'll check out some other sites, see what I can pull together for ya.

    Stay strong hun! <3

  5. so good to hear that things are working out!!
    That sounds so cute about you and Tyler. Super Jealous hahah!
    a good 'i'll eat everything' is great for the metab if things aren't going anywhere!