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Sep 10, 2010

The Best Post So Far

This most honestly is my best post so far! 
First off I want to thank ALL of you little monsters for complimenting me, and my boots!
- Well those boots are quite FAB-FUCKING-TATICAL-ISCIOUS!-

So this is gonna be juicy sweet with good news... 
So don't forget to brush your teeth after you sink into this one!
Here is why today is amazing:
1. I got 100% on my first two Chemistry papers!
2. I worked out for THREE STRAIGHT HOURS today!
    a. Lifted weights (tone, tone tone!)
    b. Treadmill, & Elliptical (cardio!)
    c. Turbo Kick Classes ( 1hr of non stop cardio!)
3. I only had 375 calories today!
    a. Less than 1/2 apple
    b. Three rice cakes
    c. Acia Smoothie (*bonus points* since it's ice cold, and I got a metabolism boost in it!)
4. I walked probably 3mi today (stairs, campus, around my city)
5. I got my disbursement check! Helllllooooo three grand! 
    a.unfortunately 90% it goes to bills
    b.but hey I get 10%!  :) 

-Anyways I'm totally tuckered out! I was at Uni from 8am-7pm.. FML right?
-Tomorrow I'm cashing in that check! And I'm saving some of it for a super sexy romantic night with my man.. It's going to be a surprise to him! He so deserves it! I love him. 
-Did I mention that I love you girls! I'll have to read your blogs in the morning. I love you all so much! I wish we were together to celebrate! 

P.S- Lost in Space: I meant the lyrics "A generation Lost in Space" From Bye Bye (Miss American Pie) By Don McLean. (GREAT SONG!) 
-I hope I reach my goal weight. I hate being such a FKN WHALE!-


  1. Wow..! You did a GREAT job with your work-out!
    Wish i could work out for 3 hours straight :s..

    What is you current weight, and how much do you want to loose?

    Love.! Anna

  2. you are FUCKING NUTS!!!! LOL three hours!!!???!?!?
    teach me your ways oh holy one!!!!!!!!???!!!

    What is your gw anyways????

  3. AHH! It all sounds so great! I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to join a gym...but right now I need to figure out my time management and then get a job so I'll have money for a gym LOL.

    OHH! But I do like that song HAHA.

    Peace and love <3

  4. Oh man, three hours?! That's some stamina - I couldn't do that without some serious drugs.

    And I don't recommend the use of drugs for working out. :/ Addiction x100.

    Congrats on the 100%!!! And in chemistry - that's nuts. I barely scraped a D- in chem. Too many numblers.

    Hope you have fun with your romantic night with your man! ;D

  5. what a fantastic day! you deserve it xx