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Jun 4, 2010

I'm leaving on a jet plane.

No literally I'm leaving on a Jet Plane... 
 I'm heading to Oregon in a couple hours.
Oregon is home. Where my family, friend,s and a no sales tax policy lives. AKA Best place on EARTH.

I packed all my crap that I doubt I'll need for the next three weeks...
And even though I pack far too much shit I just know that I'll probably forget the ONE thing I need.
Well as long as I got nickers and heels I'll live.

I broke my fast and restriction because my husband wanted to order pizza. I had two slices last night... I had a rice cake and a strawberry for breakfast, steamed salmon on rice for lunch and then pizza for dinner.
I almost couldn't eat the fkn pizza be cause the calories but I napkin proofed the top for grease.
Like that helps at all..psh.

I don't know how well having an ED and going home for three weeks is gonna play.  
My mom is anti-mental when it comes to me.. And that mixed with her southern cooking its gonna suck ass. 
But.. Yes BUT..
I will be jogging every morning and night and only eating dinner...or some dinner. I also downloaded the Insanity Workout by that sexy ass black man Shane T or whatever.. It's supposed to be the best workout. I'll start it when I get back. :)

I miss Ty... SO damn MUCH

I hear that its next to impossible to sneak food onto a plane..but I need to have a rice cake for a 11hr flight.. So if you see a bitchy woman on the news who punched out a security guard for not letting her take a rice cake onto a plane and she is wearing FABULOUS snake skin Gianni Bini pumps.. 
That's me! I'll try to wave to you if I get the chance....

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  1. Have tons of fun in Oregon! I'm super jealous that you get to go home :)

    Thanks for your support :) I hate to say this, but I have to stop following you because your posts are really triggering :( However, I may check in with you once and a while and say hi. I hope you reach your goals!