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Jun 2, 2010

A good day..and lies

 The World is A Vampire..Set To Drain...
-Dentist appointment went well.. and No I didn't suck on the dentists finger although I noticed my dentist has a Han Solo like chest full of hair and it was pretty hot.

- Went running... more like like a fat kid during P.E, did some work out videos. Ate three strawberries and some toast. God I'm SO FUCKING FAT!
My sister called today.. I haven't seen her in like 5 years.. She's preggers and we started talking again.
Not that we hated each other or anything..but our dad fuck both our moms during the same time...we  are the same age and different moms.. 
My dad was a black casa-fucking-nova right?
Anywhoo... Turns out we have tons in common like we both have severe depression. I told her about Ty... You of course don't know who Ty is, but he was my husbands best friend who I in turn "cheated" on him with for the last few months. 
Ty is my fucking ray of sunshine though... Yes! I'm a "Cheating" Backstabbing BITCH
I did what I did and take responsibility.
What's it like to "cheat" on your husband.
It's like hiding porn in your bedroom from you parents.. If you leave any trace eventually it'll be found. You'll be embarrassed, but you will smirk about all the good times and have little regret except that you got caught. 

Yes this is terrible and shocking! "GAH She's a BITCH!" 
And yes I am. But understand that my husband and I were trying to end the marriage months before this happened and the relationship was abusive in too many ways.

Ty was my carbs! My waffles, my toast...the snack that smiled back goldfish! I couldn't resist him and we fell in love. And just like carbs he's stuck to me and was an addiction.  

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